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Take photos, put yourself in the picture

Like an extendable arm, Quik Pod makes it possible for the photographer to be included in the photo

In most holiday and family photos, someone is missing from the shot - the photographer.

Rather than messing about with setting the timer and running back to put yourself in the frame in time, or asking a complete stranger to take a snap for you, Quik Pod can help you take the perfect photo, where everyone is included.

The compact Quik Pod - which works like an extendable arm - allows the photographer to be included in photos and videos without any problems.

The Quik Pod is designed for point-and-shoot cameras, camcorders, lightweight DSLRs, waterproof cameras and for remote lighting. It converts from handheld use to tabletop in seconds.

The Quik Pod is made of sturdy polycarbonate and aluminium, weighs less than 100g, and comes with a built in self-positioning mirror to help frame each shot. Fully extended, Quik Pod can be used to shoot over crowds, around corners and even into hard to reach areas.

Quik Pod costs around £20, and is sold through and .