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How not to get banned from WhatsApp

An 8-step guide


WhatsApp is the mode of mobile communication in India. Regardless of language, ‘You’re not on WhatsApp?” carries the same degree of incredulity across the country. Governments rise and fall on the back of the WhatsApp forward. So the last thing anyone wants is to be banned from using it altogether.

If not getting booted off India’s primary news service/debate hotbed/ opinion former/ joke supply service is something you’re interested in, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Don’t be a thug- Sending threatening, illegal, defamatory or obscene content (written or image) violates WhatsApp’s terms and conditions, and are grounds for an immediate ban.
  2. Violence- Messages promoting violence against any person or group, or promoting violent crimes, can get you banned as well.
  3. Creating a fake account- Impersonating someone is a violation not just of WhatsApp’s terms and conditions, but also of law. Not only can you get banned from the messaging service, but you could also end up in prison. Just don’t do it.
  4. Too many messages to non-contacts-  Bulk messaging, too many chain messages, auto-messaging/dialing, all are against the WhatsApp terms and conditions.
  5. Sending viruses or malware- Goes without saying. Using the platform to send malicious software will get you banned faster that you can type ‘LOL’.
  6. Getting blocked/reported by other users- If too many people block or report you, the app might decide you’re a bad apple and pull the plug. Your plug.
  7. Trying to hack the app servers to spy on someone- Again, just don’t. Hacking an app for the purpose of spying or otherwise collecting information on another party is every shade of creepy and unethical, and a very definite shade of illegal.
  8. Messing with the app code- Coding whiz you might be, but playing around with the app code isn’t the best way to challenge yourself. Just build a better app with all your smarts, it’s far less likely to get you into trouble.

You're welcome.