How to block Android Wear notifications

Step three: Let's not double up

Turning of double notifications

One other clever bit lets you avoid getting double-buzzed about notifications on your phone and watch at the same time. This isn't about blocking notifications to your phone, but does remove some of the annoyance of smartwatch notifications.

All it does is to silence notifications from your phone when the watch is attached. Just make sure you don't leave the watch in another room or you could end up missing something important.

You'll find this option in the Settings section of the Android Wear app, called Mute Notifications from your Phone.

Step four: Silence!

Muting Android Wear smartwatch

Now we've tailored what makes it to the smartwatch, we just need to look at the ways you can stop your smartwatch buzzing when you really don't want it to.

Just like a phone, Android Wear watches have 'silent' modes that stop it from nudging you whenever you get a message. To find these toggles, just swipe downwards from the clock face screen. Here you'll see three virtual buttons.

One lets all notifications through, one only lets 'priority' notifications through, such as alarms, and one totally 'silences' the device. The whole point of them being positioned right above the clock face is that you'll be able to alter this setting in an instant. Embrace these buttons.

There you go: your smartwatch notification woes solved. With any luck.

Andrew Williams

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