Lost Ark PvP guide: what level it unlocks at and everything else you need to know

Lost Ark PvP: Three characters stand in an arena before a fight.
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Lost Ark PvP is probably one of the game's strongest points. It offers smooth combat with combo possibilities that make killing enemies a pleasant spectacle. 

The Twitch megahit has more than one type of content that will test your fighting skills, but PvP is where you can show everyone your true mastery. Even though the western version of Lost Ark lacks some features that might be implemented in the future, it has three competitive modes to try out, whether you're new or an experienced player slayer. 

PvP is something you should try at least once and there are aspects of it that are quite unique. It's also available across all of Lost Ark's servers, so isn't separated like other MMOs. That said, it's not available at the start of your journey. You'll have to demonstrate you have a decent understanding of your character and how you personalized them. 

Getting the upper hand and learning how each PvP mode works will help you adapt more easily to each situation. To help you, we've prepared this guide with all the information you need to start your career in the Arena of Arkesia.

How to unlock Lost Ark PvP

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Firstly, in spite of the fact it's such a prominent part of Lost Ark, PvP is not accessible until you've leveled your character quite a bit. You will have to get acquainted with your character by playing the more traditional part of the game first. 

To unlock the Proving Grounds, an arena where you look for matches, you must go through the main questline up until the point you have access to the Luterra Castle. Once in Luterra, the questline “Rebuilding Luterra” will take you to the Arena. From then you will be able to matchmake and find others to battle.

As a reference, your character is probably going to be around level 26 to 27 depending on how much you've interacted with side content. 

You can try PvP before this point, but it is a touch harder to find. If you are out in the world, you can challenge other players directly to a duel. 

What should you know about Lost Ark PVP

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In other games, PvP is often accompanied by a competitive or ranked mode. For the time being, that isn't the case in Lost Ark. 

That being so, your character does still have a PvP level independent of their class level, which advances through questing. Your performance in each  PvP match affects your matchmaking rating (MMR) which is tied to your victories and losses. 

After unlocking PvP, you can access it through the Bulletin Boards in some cities or by clicking on the coliseum icon below the minimap. Once you've done that, select the mode you are going to play. 

Lost Ark has three PvP modes (so far): Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and Team Elimination. While they have some similarities, each mode will ask for a different approach. Team Deathmatch is 3v3 version where kills mean points, Deathmatch is similar but six players fight individually. Team Elimination works a little differently with it being a series of 1v1s in the middle of the arena. The team who loses every player first loses. 

Jumping into any of these modes is a ton of fun. However, before doing so, you must learn about your Book of Coordination.

What is the Book of Coordination in Lost Ark?

An image showing the Book of Coordination open, full of skills.

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Once you unlock PvP, you'll also have access to the Book of Coordination. This is the system you're going to use to personalize preset skills and stats you'll use in the Proving Grounds.

In other words, this is where you work on your PvP build.

The book is divided into two parts: stats tuning and skills. In the first one, you're allowed to allocate 1000 points split among six different stats: Crit, Domination, Swiftness, Endurance, Expertise, and Specialization. You can customize your distribution as much as you want, letting you not only understand which stats are better for your playstyle but what can help you to survive during the matches.

The other part is where you choose the skills you're going to use. An interesting aspect of PvP is that it gives you access to every skill for your class - even if you haven’t unlocked all of them by reaching the level cap. This is to ensure competitive parity between players. 

Your build is composed of eight skills and an awakening skill, a type of ultimate. Not only that, but you also have 340 skill points to place among the skills’ tripods. Each tier upgrades the skill, generally increasing its effects, range, or other aspects of the ability to make it stronger. Tinker with them to find which combination of skills suits you be.

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