How to watch today's big Canon cinema camera launch

Canon EOS C70
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When is the Canon cinema camera launch?

The Canon Cinema EOS camera launch is set to take place during the Canon Vision event on Thursday September 24 at 8am ET / 1pm BST / 10pm AEST.

How long will the event last? The Canon Vision event includes live Q&A sessions with pro cinematographers, so the full event is expected to last around four hours. But we'd expect the Cinema EOS announcement to take place close to the beginning of Vision.

If the Canon EOS R5 doesn't quite have the video powers you need for your filmmaking adventures, then you might want to tune into today's Canon Vision event, where it'll be announcing an exciting new Canon cinema camera.

Canon has already teased a photo (above) of the new cinema camera it'll be announcing at the event, and the rumors so far suggest it could have the biggest crossover appeal of any Cinema EOS camera so far.

So when can you tune in to see the full unveiling? The launch will take place at some point during the broader Canon Vision event, which is largely aimed at independent filmmakers, videographers and cinematographers, rather than the more photography-focused Reimagine event that saw the arrival of the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6

But we're expecting Canon's cinema camera announcement to take place relatively early on in the event, which starts on Thursday September 24 at 8am ET / 1pm BST / 10pm AEST. Here's how to watch it.

How to watch the Canon cinema camera launch

The Canon cinema camera launch is being hosted on the official Canon Vision event page, and you'll need to register to watch.

Registering just involves giving your email address (which you'll use to log in to the livestream) and answering a few questions about the type of video you shoot.

The event kicks off on Thursday September 24 at 8am ET / 1pm BST / 10pm AEST and we expect the product announcement to take place relatively early on in proceedings, so it's worth tuning in at that time.

Canon Vision

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Canon has also lined up some short film screenings and six Q&A sessions (across two days) with filmmakers who've been using its new Cinema EOS camera, so those should be worth a watch for some extra hands-on insights into its new launch.

The ones taking place today include a session with cinematographer Elise Iannacone from 9am ET / 2pm BST / 11pm and another with Jolade Olusanya at 11am ET / 4pm BST (1am on Friday 25 September AEST), where he'll talk about the first production shoot with the new Canon cinema camera.

What to expect from today's Canon cinema camera launch

Right now, it's difficult to say exactly what Canon has planned for today's event, but we can piece together a rough picture based on Canon's teaser image and the latest rumors.

The camera in the teaser image looks relatively compact compared to other models in Canon's Cinema EOS line, like the EOS C300 Mark III.

If you're not familiar with Canon's Cinema EOS line, this was introduced in late 2011 as Canon made its move into the professional video arena. 

That launch also saw the arrival of seven new 4K EF Cinema Lenses, though the latest speculation from Canon Rumors suggest that Canon's new Cinema EOS camera could be the first to adopt the same RF mount as the one seen on its EOS R cameras.

If so, that would be a big moment for its Cinema EOS camera lineup and, along with the relatively compact dimensions seen in the teaser image, could boost its crossover appeal for those coming from Canon's EOS R range. Of course, all of this will be revealed shortly at Canon's Vision event – we'll see you there. 

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