Cync's new undercabinet smart lights elevate your kitchen ambiance to a whole other level

Cync's new Smart Undercabinet Fixtures
(Image credit: Cync)
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The kitchen seems to be the one area of the house often overlooked by smart lighting brands. Cync is changing that, by giving homeowners a simple way to beautify their kitchens with the Smart Undercabinet Fixtures

It's a series of LED lights that you’d place underneath your cabinets to provide vibrant accent lighting. They’re slim, too, measuring about an inch thick, giving them the flexibility to fit anywhere there’s room. 

Four sizes are available: 12, 18, and 24-inch edge-lit bars. These go directly onto cabinets or around furniture. However, there is a fourth option, a three-inch circular puck light. 

Each device performs similarly and can output up to 16 million RGB colors. White light outputs can reach a color temperature of up to 7,000 Kelvin, enabling optimal brightness. Of course, you can always tone down the intensity of the white light to something warmer.

GE Lighting, Cync’s parent company, has an interactive website where you can preview the different colors coming from an Undercabinet Fixture. You can see how bright the Reveal HD Plus white can get and how red, blue, and green hues look.

Cync Smart Undercabinet Fixtures

(Image credit: Cync)

Specs and features

Setting up the fixtures is pretty straightforward. You’ll receive some “captive screws for simple DIY installation.” Additionally, every light comes with a 12-inch cable, and users can connect up to 10 different fixtures together to illuminate an entire kitchen space. That includes both the edge-lit bars and the puck. 

Cync’s devices also all come with their own power cable. Don’t worry about potentially not having enough outlets, as each cable provides up to 500 watts of power to the whole chain as well.

Cync Smart Undercabinet Fixtures installed

(Image credit: Cync)

The company states the four lights support both Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi. Through these connections, users can issue commands via the official Cync app; no hub is necessary. 

However, if you want to give out voice commands via the Matter standard, you'll need to purchase a smart home hub that works with either Alexa or Google Assistant. The Samsung SmartThings and Apple Home apps are also compatible.

Other notable features include the ability to create schedules for the lights and out-of-home controls via the Cync app.

The 12-inch Undercabinet Fixture bar on Amazon starts at $50.73. The puck is out of stock on the platform, but you can purchase one on Lowe’s website for $84.98.

Be sure to check out TechRadar's list of the best smart lights for 2024 if you're looking for other options.

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