Dyson is ready to revolutionise haircare once again – and this time it's with air straighteners

Woman holding the Dyson Airstrait above her head
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Dyson has finally announced that its latest haircare creation, the Dyson Airstrait, is coming to the UK. It’s a next-generation hair straightener that could see your locks transform from soggy to smooth and straight without the hassle and potential heat damage incurred by traditional hairdryers and straighteners.

But how you ask? Predictably, given the name and manufacturer, the Airstrait uses focused airflow to simultaneously dry and straighten hair, simplifying your routine, saving you time and energy costs, and lowering the risks of heat damage. 

The Airstrait has both wet and dry styling modes, as well as a cool mode that sets your style. Both the wet and dry modes have distinct heat settings, which are preset in combination with the airflow to deliver the best results. Wet mode offers three temperature settings (80C/175F, 110C/230F, and 140C/285F), while dry mode offers two (120C/250F or 140C/285F) or a top up "boost". You can also toggle between low airflow, high airflow, cold shot, and root drying. 

Image showing the Dyson Airstrait airflow

(Image credit: Dyson)

Blown away

While Dyson is best known for making some of the best vacuum cleaners, in recent years the company has branched out into hair and air care, with products like the Dyson Corrale and Dyson Supersonic ranking among the best straighteners and best hair dryers, respectively. 

Then, with the Dyson Airwrap, the brand created waves (literally!), with the sought-after device selling out repeatedly and being pretty hard to find for the best part of three years. Much like the ever-popular Dyson Airwrap, the Airstrait uses a precisely angled (at 45 degrees, if you’re curious) blade of focused airflow to dry and straighten wet hair. Best of all, Dyson claims the technology is engineered for multiple hair types, offering a shiny and silky finish.

Directing high-pressure air downwards and into the hair, the Airstrait is powered by Dyson’s proprietary Hyperdymium motor, which can also be found in many of its best-loved products. 

If you can’t wait, you might not have to; the Dyson Airstrait launches today in the UK and Ireland, and is available for £449.99, from Dyson Demo Stores and Dyson.co.uk. 

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