This air fryer is ridiculously cheap in Walmart's after-Christmas sales

The Moosoo air fryer with its tray open revealing a cooked chicken.
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If you're on a budget and can't pick up our favorite Ninja kitchen appliance deals from this year's post-Christmas sales then this air fryer could be the bargain you're after.

Right now this Moosoo 2-qt air fryer is just $37.99 at Walmart. That's ridiculously cheap even for an air fryer from a lesser-known brand. Reviews on the store page are generally positive too though at just 2-quarts it's fairly small, and its cooking capabilities don't come close to rivaling those of the best air fryers.

Alternatively, if you're budget can stretch a little further we'd recommend this Ninja AF101 air fryer at Amazon. It's $79.99 which is $50 less than its usual $129.99 price and offers twice the cooking capacity and better results.

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Moosoo 2-quart air fryer: $49.81$37.99 at Walmart

Moosoo 2-quart air fryer: was $49.81 now $37.99 at Walmart
This small air fryer won't be the best out there but it is ridiculously cheap at just under $40. If you're on a tight budget and only need to cook small amounts then this could be a solid pickup. That said...

Ninja AF101 4 quart air fryer: $129.99$79.99 at Amazon

Ninja AF101 4 quart air fryer: was $129.99 now $79.99 at Amazon
If you can afford to spend $40 more you can get an air fryer that boasts twice the space and much stronger cooking credentials. This Ninja model has been cheaper before but this current price is the best it has been in 2023.

In our review of the entry-level Ninja air fryer we gave it four stars. We celebrated its cooking abilities, though it lost points for being small and a little pricey. At this discounted price it's much better value for money, and while size is still an issue that's only a problem for larger families. 

If you're living alone, or don't need to cook much in this air fryer the 4 quart size shouldn't be much of an issue. If anything its compact size could be a good thing as it won't take up space on your worktop.

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