Looking for a cheap air fryer? Walmart has the Ninja AF100 for a super-low price

Ninja 4QT Air Fryer AF100
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The air fryer has taken the world by storm and it seems that almost everyone has the popular appliance sitting in their kitchen. It's no surprise that plenty of cool tech like this is on sale all the time, especially with next week's Amazon Prime Day almost here, but it's not the only retailer with deals at the moment. You can also head to Walmart when the Ninja AF100 4QT Air Fryer is on sale for $69 (was $89).

Ninja is an expert in the field, regularly creating appliances that cook food super-fast while keeping the quality high. We've only ever seen this incredible air fryer for a few dollars cheaper than this current price, but that was way back in July 2019. 

We may see more of the best air fryers discounted in upcoming Amazon Prime Day air fryer deals, but we're unlikely to see this model for any cheaper.

Today’s best Ninja AF100 4QT Air Fryer deal

Ninja AF100 4QT Air Fryer: $89 $69 at Walmart

Ninja AF100 4QT Air Fryer: was $89 now $69 at Walmart
It's only $20 off but let's not forget that this was already one of the best budget-friendly air fryers out there that we also awarded four stars in our review. The 4-quart ceramic-coated basket is perfect for cooking and crisping up food with the capacity of around 2 lb. of french fries. It's easy to use too, with three preset functions and dishwasher-safe parts for an effortless cleanup.

The Ninja AF100 Air Fryer has a 3.8-liter/ 4-quart capacity which is far from the biggest on the market but is enough to handle around 900g / 2lb of fries. At this capacity, you're not going to be cooking up a full meal but you'll certainly get a crisp side to add to your favorite dish. As well as air-frying, the appliance can also roast, reheat, and dehydrate food.

When we got our hands on it for our Ninja AF100 Air Fryer review we thought it would be perfect for small households looking for a healthier way to enjoy foods that are traditionally deep-fried. At four out of ive stars, we thought very highly of it, making it worthy of consideration.

Before you commit to this high-end air fryer, read up on how to buy an air fryer. There are plenty of air fryer deals going on so something smaller may suit you better, but you won’t regret going big here.

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