Espresso your love with these 12 wonderful gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life

coffee maker gift guide
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If you’re not sure what to get your loved ones for Christmas but you know they love coffee, then you’re in the right place. 

Even people who take their coffee seriously often have underwhelming setups for their morning routines. Maybe they have a nice french press, but that doesn’t compare to the best coffee machines out there. Not when you can get a model that pops out a cup of coffee with a press of a button or two with minimal cleanup or one that will help create café-level lattes for not much money. 

Since this is a gift guide for coffee lovers, it’s not just coffee makers on here. We’ve included a few accessories that make great stocking stuffers or supplemental gifts. Though we’re skipping the whole debate about what the best coffee is, make sure to include some fresh beans (or pods) with your coffee-related gift.

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The best affordable coffee maker gifts

The best drip coffee maker accessory gifts

The best drip coffee makers make their coffee life so much easier while still providing a quality cup of joe. Still, there are ways to expand on that experience, whether it’s the ability to try new coffee drink recipes or to take that coffee on the road. 

The best espresso accessory gifts

If someone in your family is a coffee connoisseur, they either have or want one of the best espresso machines to make their lattè dreams come true. If that’s the case, we’ve picked out a few additional tools that will help them make the most of their barista-level ambitions. 

The best single-serve accessory gifts

The best Nespresso machines are the height of convenience, but they taste pretty good, too. While not as involved as our previous category, there are still some accessories you can throw under the tree to make your coffee lover’s Christmas day a little more joyful, aka caffeinated. 

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