Forget Rolex – these stylish Casio watches are the new celebrity go-to, and they’re on sale now

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Barack Obama and Ryan Gosling have been spotted wearing Casio watches (Image credit: Shutterstock (Fred Duval / Octavio Hoyos), free use (AkiTheFull / Rawpixel), Casio)

What do Ryan Gosling, Kristen Stewart, John Mayer, Barack Obama and Tyler, the Creator have in common? They’re all worth in excess of $30 million, they’ve all adorned the cover of GQ – and they’ve all been spotted with a $20 Casio watch strapped to their wrist. 

In a world of uber-premium time-tellers, the humble Casio timepiece has maintained its status as a stylish, practical and unashamedly affordable horological companion for celebrities and common folk alike, with the rubber Casio F91W and stainless steel Casio A158WA, in particular, proving the most popular models of the lot. 

In fact, “popular” is something of an understatement. By Amazon’s metrics, the Casio A158W is the second-most popular digital wristwatch in the world (second only to the Casio F91W), and the Casio F91W takes the crown as the retailer’s best-selling wristwatch, period, in both the US and UK. TechRadar’s Wearables Editor, Matt Evans, talked up the enduring appeal of the Casio F91W back in April, and it’s the watch he continued to wear four months later, calling it “the best $15 [he’d] ever spent.”

In other words, these two Casio watches are hot property – and they’re both on sale at Amazon right now. The sport-friendly Casio F91W is down to just $16.01 (from $22.95), or £15.63 (from £16.50), while the sexier Casio A158W is available for just $20.65 (down from $22.95), or £23.79 (down from £29). Both watches have been a touch cheaper in both regions in the past, but they’ve also been more expensive, too, so we think now is as good a time as any to pick up one (or both) of Casio’s best-selling models.

Today's best Casio watch deals

Casio F91W digital watch
US:  $22.95$16.01 at Amazon
UK: £16.50£15.62 at Amazon

Casio F91W digital watch
was $22.95 now $16.01 at Amazon
was £16.50 now £15.62 at Amazon
Casio's top-selling watch, the F91W, is also the brand's simplest. This resin-strapped model comes with a stopwatch, an alarm, an LED light, an automatic calendar and an approximate battery life of seven years (!). The only downside? The F91W is water-resistant, not fully waterproof, so you can't go swimming with it.

Casio A158WA digital watch
US:  $22.95$20.51 at Amazon
UK: £29£23.79 at Amazon

Casio A158WA digital watch
was $22.95 now $20.51 at Amazon
was £29 now £23.79 at Amazon
Casio's A158WA watch is a little glitzier than the more basic-looking F91W, but it still offers the same great practicality: you'll get an auto-calendar, a daily alarm, stopwatch functionality and basic splash-resistance.

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