Love a plush bed? This Casper mattress just dropped to a better-than-Black Friday price

The Casper Nova Hybrid mattress with a badge saying "LOWEST PRICE"
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Casper is one of the rare sleep brands that doesn't have a sale going on every single day of the year, unlike most of the best mattress brands. So imagine my surprise to learn that right now, not only is Casper running a sale when I'd have expected it it to revert to standard pricing post-Black Friday, it's selling one of its mattresses at the biggest discount I can remember seeing.

The mattress in question is the Nova Hybrid; it's Casper's softest mattress, and given that Casper beds tend to skew soft anyway, that says to me that this one's going to be super-marshmallowy in its softness. And in a limited-time deal, it's currently discounted by 30%, which means a queen size will cost you $1,746.50, the lowest price of the year.

There are discounts across the Casper range right now, including 10% off The Casper and 20% off the Casper Original. There's also 30% off the Wave Hybrid and the Wave Hybrid Snow, but we've seen these discounts before. If you've had an eye on the Nova Hybrid, however, now's definitely the time to pounce. Here's what you need to know:

Casper Nova Hybrid mattress

Casper Nova Hybrid mattress

Queen size: was $2,495 now $1,746.50 at Casper

Overview: If you like your bed to be really soft, the Casper Nova Hybrid should be right up your alley. Casper rates this as its softest mattress, but it doesn't compromise on pressure relief. Its foam layers feature seven support zones so you're perfectly aligned, and there's Airscape technology to keep temperatures down. It's a great choice for back pain, and also for lighter side sleepers who need more cushioning for their shoulders and hips.

Price history: Because Casper doesn't go all-out on sales, most of the time you'll pay full price for the Nova Hybrid. The cheapest we'd previously seen it was on Black Friday when there was 25% off, bringing a queen size down to $1,871.25. The price you'll pay now is nearly $125 cheaper, so now's the time to buy.

Extras: Casper provides free delivery and returns, and you get a 100-night risk-free sleep trial to ensure you get on with your mattress; there's also a 10-year limited warranty.

buy it if...

You like a soft mattress: Casper rates the Nova Hybrid as medium-soft, which makes this its softest mattress. Considering that in our Casper Original mattress review we found that medium-firm mattress to be surprisingly soft, expect the Nova Hybrid to be really soft.

You share with a fidgety partner: Casper's mattresses are really good at motion isolation, and even with a layer of springs the Nova Hybrid can be expected to dampen your partner's nocturnal movements well.

You suffer from back pain: The Nova Hybrid features zoned support, and its soft feel means that you should get ample pressure relief for a sore back and achy joints.

don't buy it if...

You tend to sleep hot: There's cooling technology in the Nova Hybrid, but given this mattress's soft feel we suspect that this one will get warm in the night, particularly if you tend to overheat in the night. The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is more expensive, but it's geared towards cooling and it also has 30% off right now.

You don't like sinking into your mattress: Not everyone enjoys sinking into a soft mattress. If you want a luxurious feel while still remaining on top of your bed rather than being enveloped by it, the Saatva Classic is a perfect fit, and it's actually a cheaper option; use this link to get a queen size for just $1,595.

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