Hate winter workouts? Bring it indoors with this best-selling $250 under-desk treadmill festive deal

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Whether it’s you or someone you know, 2024 might be the year to kick-start a fitness journey. You don’t have to jump straight into serious workouts - you can start by just getting your steps in, and the best under-desk treadmills deals can help you do it. 

The Christmas deals are the perfect time to grab an under-desk treadmill, or walking pad, as many of them are on sale at the moment. Unlike conventional running treadmills, there’s no gradient function and you can’t run as fast. However, these treadmills tend to be slimmer, easier to store and cheaper to buy, as they’re just designed for walking. 

You might not be working out quite as hard as if you were running, but getting enough steps in during a day is very important. One study from the National Institutes of Health found getting your steps in is more important than the intensity of those steps, so an hour’s walk still beats a 20-minute run when it comes to longevity. 

A treadmill makes this easy, as you can walk while taking meetings, working with a standing desk, or just watching Christmas movies in the evenings rather than walking outside in the cold. 

Right now, you can get the Sunny Slim Under-Desk Treadpad for just $249.99 at Amazon, a 32% discount. That’s better than it was on Black Friday, and one of the cheapest ways to get yourself an under-desk treadmill for less. Note the term “under-desk” doesn’t mean you need a standing desk to use it: you can easily wheel this slender treadmill into a cupboard, under a bed or behind the sofa when not in use. Check out the deal in full below: 

Check out the festive deal on the under-desk treadmill here:

Sunny Under-Desk Treadpad: $359.99now $249.99 at Amazon

Sunny Under-Desk Treadpad: was $359.99 now $249.99 at Amazon
Save $110, or 32%, on this top-selling under-desk treadmill. Amazon’s Choice, it displays Time, Distance, Calories, Steps, and Speed, carries integrated shock absorbers to protect your joints and includes a remote control for easy operation. 

It’s worth noting this treadmill has a top speed of only 3.75 miles per hour, so keen runners should look elsewhere (our best treadmill guide is a good place to start, or our best cheap gifts for runners list). However, if you’re just looking for a great deal on a cheap device to help you get your steps in, the Sunny Treadpad has you covered.  

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