Forget pricey shoes and watches – these are the best cheap gifts for runners

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Runners are always hard to buy for. What shoe size do they take? Do they already have a running watch? Do they carry their phone around or leave it at home? 

When you're shopping Christmas sales for holiday gifts, it's hard to find appropriately priced presents for the runner in your life. Often, running gear such as the best running shoes or best running watch can run up to hundreds of dollars or pounds.

Sometimes, new runners without a fitness tracker just need a simple Fitbit Inspire 2, which tracks your calories burned, sleep, heart rate, and running speed, which is a great gift. However, speaking as a runner, I'd welcome accessories such as comfy running socks, a heart rate monitor, or even a running backpack or belt to store a change of clothes, water, or snacks in. 

Check out the deals in full below to help delight the runner in your circle and get ahead of the January fitness crowd. You might also want to check out our guides to the best Christmas sales in the US and Boxing Day sales in the UK, for even more great holiday and Christmas gift ideas.  

US running gift deals

Garmin Venu SQ with GPS: was $199.99 now $119.99 at Amazon

Garmin Venu SQ with GPS: was $199.99 now $119.99 at Amazon
This cheap Apple Watch alternative looks the part, is system-agnostic, is packed full of features, and on offer for a 40% discount over the holidays. It's light and comfortable to wear, allowing you to tap it on the go for contactless payments, and download apps and watch faces to customize it to suit your style.  The AMOLED display is crisp and clear, showing off excellent colors. 

Saucony Women's Multipack performance socks: $15.99now $13.03 at Amazon

Saucony Women's Multipack performance socks: was $15.99 now $13.03 at Amazon
Saucony makes some of my fave running shoes ever, and their socks are no slouch either, with arch support and breathable fabric. Save a bundle on this multipack of sports socks with heel tabs, or find the men's version here


Garmin Running Dynamics Pod: was $69.95 now $45.95 on Amazon
This is a great way to get some excellent running metrics you'd only normally find on more expensive Garmin watches. The Pod monitors and tells you all about your stride, from ground contact time to vertical oscillation (how much you bounce up and down while you run).

Polar H10 heart rate monitor:$99.99now $86.98 on Amazon

Polar H10 heart rate monitor: was $99.99 now $86.98 on Amazon
In our review, we found the Polar H10 to be pinpoint-accurate, so if you've got an experienced runner who only uses a watch, this heart rate monitor might be perfect to ensure complete accuracy when it comes to heart rate during training. 

UK running gift deals

Adidas RunFalcon 3.0 running shoes:£50now £32.50 at ASOS

Adidas RunFalcon 3.0 running shoes: was £50 now £32.50 at ASOS
Save on these fantastic entry-level shoes, available in almost all sizes and colours. Made with up to 50% recycled material with a cushy Cloudfoam sole, they're designed to be light and comfortable to run or walk in. Ideal for first-time runners or casual runners replacement shoes.  

Fitbit Inspire 2: £79.95Now £44.99 at Argos

Fitbit Inspire 2: was £79.95 Now £44.99 at Argos
Argos is still stocking the little tracker that could at the same rock-bottom £45. If your giftee is a new runner trying to nudge themselves healthier, the Inspire 2 will count their steps, and track their sleep and the calories they expend on a day-to-day basis. It even comes with a whole year of Premium - still the only Fitbit tracker that offers this, despite being the cheapest tracker overall. 


Save up to 60% on running shoes at Wiggle
There are some great deals available at Wiggle for UK shoppers if you're after running shoes. For example, we've seen up to 60% on many shoes from brands like HOKA and Adidas, although sizes and colours mean availabilities vary. Shop here to find a fantastic deal on a shoe in the right size.

Fistcale Lightweight Breathable Bike Backpack, 8L: now £23.99 at Amazon

Fistcale Lightweight Breathable Bike Backpack, 8L: now £23.99 at Amazon
It's not on offer, but this running belt replacement is well-priced and comes with a personal recommendation: I bought one of these to help with my marathon training, and it's really good. With pockets galore, a tube funnel for a Camelbak-style drinking flask for long-distance running, and 8L space to store a change of clothes, I use it during my weekly cardio commute.  

DHB quarter-cut running socks:£12.00now £2.00 at Wiggle

DHB quarter-cut running socks: was £12.00 now £2.00 at Wiggle
My kind of Christmas deal: save 83% on these breathable, comfortable socks which have been reinforced around the heel and ankle with extra material for added stability. I'm glad it's quarter-cut too, as I like the added ankle support. I've genuinely just bought a pair. 

More holiday deals in your area 

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