The 1TB Xbox Series S - which only launched last month - has a tasty discount at Dell right now

Xbox Series S 1TB deal at Dell
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There's an excellent deal for the 1TB Xbox Series S right now, but you won't find it as part of Amazon's Prime Day gaming deals. Instead, you'll need to head over to Dell (and be living in the US) to take advantage of this rather pleasant discount.

That's because the 1TB Xbox Series S has dropped to $319.99 at Dell, which is a $30 saving off of retail price. That may seem small, but it's important to note that this upgraded model of Microsoft's more cost-effective console only released on September 1; just over a month ago. As a result, seeing a discount of any kind is welcome and unexpected. Plus, that's an extra $30 you could put towards an Xbox Game Pass subscription, or some of the best Xbox Series X games available now.

The 1TB Xbox Series S is pricier than the base white model. Featuring a sleek black finish, it features a much-improved storage capacity compared to the original's meager 512GB. Essentially, then, you're paying for a spacier built-in SSD. 

But if you're looking for even more storage space on Xbox Series X|S consoles, alongside some of the best Prime Day Xbox Series X deals, you've got options. This Seagate Xbox Storage Expansion card deal, for example. Not to mention this record-low saving for the 1TB WD Black C50.

Today's best Xbox Series S deal

Xbox Series S (1TB): was $349.99 now $319.99 at Dell
Save $30 -

Xbox Series S (1TB): was $349.99 now $319.99 at Dell
Save $30 - While it doesn't look like a tremendous discount on paper, it's very welcome to see a price trimming for the relatively recent Xbox Series S 1TB model. It's an excellent way to buy into the current-gen while also saving over the pricier Xbox Series X.

Price check: Best Buy - $349.99 | Target - $349.99

UK price: Amazon - £298

Not in the US? Ensure you're getting the best deal possible for the Xbox Series S by checking the list below, where we've outlined the top prices in your region for both the 1TB and 512GB models.

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