It's finally happened - you can now get a 2TB PS5 SSD for less than $100

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I've been at the gaming hardware and deals game for years now, but this Prime Day PS5 deal is perhaps the best I've ever seen.

Having been on the front line of all things PS5 tech, hardware, and accessories since the console launched in 2020, I know a thing or two about what makes a great deal for anyone looking to fill out their setup. The one PS5 accessory that's been the most intriguing to track in terms of pricing has been the best SSD for PS5 units available in the years since launch. And today marks a watershed moment as we are now seeing 2TB drives sell for less than the $100 / £100 mark - something we think we've only seen once before, and very briefly.

The Prime Day PS5 SSD deal in question today comes in the form of the solid and oft-overlooked addlink A95 drive that's going for a super low price. It comes with its own heatsink so you don't have to worry about that either, and can now be had for just $99.44 at Amazon, or for just £99.74 at Amazon UK. While it was always one of the PS5 SSDs that erred on the side of value, this is just fabulous value for money.

It wasn't that long ago that we were enjoying the 1TB-for-less-than-$100 barrier being broken through - with 2TB now available for that price, the value on offer has gone through the roof. Anyway, you can check out more information on these landmark Amazon Prime Day gaming deals below, with some more of the latest prices on SSDs underneath.

addlink Addgame A95 2TB PS5 SSD: was $129.99

addlink Addgame A95 2TB PS5 SSD: was $129.99 now $99.44 at Amazon
Save $30 - While it's not a huge discount now that the A95 retails for a reasonable $130, this deal taking the 2TB drive below the three-figure mark is a watershed moment for PS5 deals and accessories. Incredibly good value and the easiest purchase we could recommend this Prime Day.

Price check: Newegg - $112.44

Thankfully the same ratio has been breached by the same PS5 SSD deal in the UK. it offers incredible value for money and really is one of the standout deals we've seen so far this year.

addlink Addgame A95 2TB PS5 SSD: was £220

addlink Addgame A95 2TB PS5 SSD: was £220 now £99.74 at Amazon
Save £120 - The same value-busting ratio is available in the UK too with the 2TB drive available for a fraction under 100 quid. This is stupendous value for money and if you've waited until now to get a PS5 SSD, then you'll be laughing.

If you're interested in keeping more abreast of some wider PS5 SSD options, then find some of the latest and lowest prices below on a range of our favourite drives. These update automatically every 30 minutes or so, no matter where you are in the world.

If you're looking for other storage solutions then check out our guides to the best PS5 external hard drives, and best Xbox Series X hard drives and SSDs.

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