Five lock screen widgets from iOS 16 that you should pick for your iPhone

iOS 16 Lock Screen widget
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With iOS 16 available to anyone with an iPhone 8 or iPhone SE 2 and newer, alongside 16.1 available as a public beta, its redesigned lock screen feature is already making an impression.

You can place multiple widgets on the display that will launch the app in question, showcasing information relevant to that app.

However, with many developers pushing out updates that feature these, you may be getting overwhelmed by so many widgets already appearing.

With this in mind, we've picked out six apps that showcase how these new widgets can be used on your iPhone.

Obscura 3

Obscura 3 iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets

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A straightforward widget from the camera app Obscura 3 here, available for $4.99 / £4.99 / AU$5.99, but it solves two nitpicks at once. For years, your iOS lock screen has had two constant widgets - a flashlight and a camera icon, with no way of changing them, even in iOS 16.

However, Obscura allows you to place a widget on the lock screen to launch the app straight away. Granted, Apple's two widgets are still there, but this should reduce the steps of launching a great third-party app regardless.

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets

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While Apple's fantastic free weather app is available on iOS, and soon for everyone running macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16.1Carrot is available on both iOS and Android with multiple subscriptions to purchase.

The weather app with sass had a significant update arrive alongside iOS 16, bringing a bunch of lock screen widgets, from an hourly forecast to the likelihood of Precipitation occurring.

There are over fifteen different widgets that you can pick in the three sizes you can normally choose for the lock screen, such as some that can replace the date at the top, alongside smaller widgets to give you quick information as to the chance of rain happening, or current temperature.


iOS 16 Snapchat widget

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Social media platforms are already taking advantage of these new lock screen widget features, such as Facebook and more recently Snapchat. It's an app that's still being used by plenty of users for its filters and streaks for sharing content, and now you can see this on your lock screen.

There are two widgets to choose from - the first is in the shape of a square that launches the Snapchat camera. While the second widget is a rectangle that can open a conversation with a friend, alongside a streak of how many times you've both talked to one another.

Trying these out, they're another great way of cutting down the swipes and presses from the lock screen to the app, while checking on some information when needed.

Focused Work 4

Focused Work 4 iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets

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Developed by Michael Tigas, Focused Work has a powerful timer that can help you focus on the most important tasks, while being able to block certain websites and apps to keep this focus on track.

The app is already at version 4, available for free with a subscription that starts at $4.99 / £4.99 / AU$5.99. Focused Work comes with a few lock screen widgets - one will display the timer and current session, while the other will keep track of daily productive goals, as a way of motivating you to finish them for the day.

Each of these widgets does its job well, as it cuts down the need to find the app on your home screen and check your daily goals in the app or a widget.


Countdowns iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets

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While I've been using this app in the past to countdown toward my wedding day or Steam Deck delivery, I've always had to check through a widget on the home screen. However, two new widgets for the lock screen will be able to let me view future events in one press to wake the display up.

You can pick between a widget in two different sizes, one of which you can pick the icon for. These will display the days remaining, and the date that the widget is counting down to.

These are simple but get the job done, especially if you have an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max with the always-on display, so you can always check how long you've got left until Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom arrives on your Nintendo Switch.

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