The best Virgin phone deals in November 2023

Virgin Mobile was the very first MVNO and it's been improving ever since. The result is a superb network that now offers 5G, roll-over data and plenty more besides. So if you're after the iPhone 13 or Samsung Galaxy S21 or simply want a SIM only deal - the cheapest deals are all here waiting for you to pick them out.

Rather than trawling through everything on the Virgin Mobile website, we've narrowed down only the very best bits for your phone needs. Check out the deals but also be sure to see all the information we've given on the network itself (below the deals) and why you might want, or not want, to use it.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Virgin phone deals.

Virgin phone deals comparison:

Virgin phone deals: FAQ

What is Virgin Mobile?

Virgin Mobile is the original MVNO, or Mobile Virtual Network Operator. that means it rents the hardware from a network and passes on the savings to you. While Virgin Mobile used to operate on EE, it took too long to roll out 4G on the MVNO so for this round, in the jump to 5G, Virgin has switched to Vodafone.

Virgin Mobile offers phone deals but also SIM only options and packs in plenty of benefits for data users.

How long are Virgin Mobile phone contracts?

Virgin Mobile phone contracts run at either 24 months or 36 months options. Generally, the longer you go the lower your monthly bill will be. But go for the shorter option and you're eligible to upgrade the handset more often.

Is the Virgin Mobile network any good?

Virgin Mobile works using the Vodafone network, which, to answer the question, is indeed very good. It boasts an impressive 99% coverage of the UK, all of which is 4G connected and all the calls are HD quality.

Crucially, though, you also get 5G connectivity from Virgin Mobile. This is still limited to certain cities, at time of publishing, but does mean the fastest speeds on the latest smartphones.

For Londoners it's worth noting that the network was voted the best in test for voice coverage in the capital city.

What benefits does Virgin Mobile offer?

Aside from some very impressive pricing on its many deals, Virgin Mobile offers lots of extras too. Some contracts throw in freebies like Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium or Free Apple TV+ subscriptions as part of the deal.

Data is another area that Virgin Mobile helps with thanks to its roll-over support. This means that spare data can be rolled over for the month. This allows you to save up that data allowance as you need.

On top of all that, you also get free data allowance for certain apps including WhatsApp, Messenger and Twitter. Free WiFi hotspots also let you save more data and allow for high-quality WiFi calling.

If you're travelling to other countries, Virgin Mobile lets you use all your calls, texts and data without charge in 43 destinations worldwide. 

Is Virgin Mobile a 5G network?

Yes indeed Virgin Mobile is a fully functioning 5G network. This means you can enjoy the super speeds of 5G in multiple locations about the UK.

At time of publishing Virgin Mobile offers 5G in 100 towns and cities as well as 193 roaming location across the EU.

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