Trend Micro's mega Black Friday antivirus deal is available until December 31

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The use of security tools like the best antivirus software is becoming more and more of a necessity - whether you're using a laptop, PC or smartphone. 

Evidence suggests how cybercriminals are increasingly turning on mobile users as their main targets. The recent news that Bahamut group has been injecting spyware via fake Android VPN apps since January is just the latest instance showing how smartphone malware is on the rise

Luckily, Trend Micro - one of the biggest names on the market - offers full protection on both PC and mobile. It can even optimize your smartphone to keep it running at peak performance. But, if that's not enough, it's also offering one of the best-value antivirus deals on the market.

While you'll usually pay $129.95 for its one-year subscription, Trend Micro Premium Security suite is now on sale with a 69% discount. This drops the price to just $39.95 for 12-months of full protection on up to 10 devices at once. 

That's not all, though. TechRadar readers can get this bargain at an even better price. Simply add the exclusive code techradar10 at the checkout to get an additional 10% off. This breaks down to a total saving of over $90.

The offer is active until December 31, so even if you missed the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness you can bag a bargain. Keep reading for more details about this tempting offer and a closer look to all the features included with the Trend Micro Premium Security plan.

Exclusive Trend Micro Premium Security deal:

Avast One

Trend Micro Premium Security 1 year: save 79% | $129.95 $35.95 w/ code techradar10
From viruses and ransomware to online scams, malicious websites, data leaks and identity theft, you can protect all your household devices with Trend Micro's best security suite.

Already reduced from $129.95 to $39.95 for an annual subscription, TechRadar readers can get a further 10% discount adding the exclusive code techradar10 into the promo box at the checkout. Maximum protection for up to 10 devices at once will cost you less than $36 for one whole year.

Trend Micro Premium Security features

No matter whether you're a Windows, Mac, Android, iOS or Chromebook user, this comprehensive security package will cover all of your devices - up to 10 at once. This makes it ideal if you're looking to protect all your family members with just one subscription.  

Trend Micro Premium Security goes way beyond malware protection, too. It offers a huge array of tools and features to shield your sensitive data against all the most common online threats. These include:

Laptop security: full protection for your Windows, Mac and Chromebook device against ransomware, viruses, and dangerous websites.

Mobile security: prevent malicious apps, ransomware, unprotected Wi-Fi, and dangerous websites from infecting both your Android and iOS smartphone. It also ensures your security stay up-to-date.

Password Manager: say goodbye to vulnerable passwords and keylogging malware, measuring password strength and keeping these secure.

Anti-scam tool: enhanced protection against internet or email scams, and from fraudulent websites attempting to steal your financial and personal data when shopping and banking online.

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Performance optimization: helps you to identify and fix common problems with your system that may be slowing down your devices.

ID security: get notifications if personal information like email address, credit card number, passwords, or bank account details are found on the dark web.

Personal VPN: secure and encrypt your online connections and communications with its VPN Proxy One Pro, especially when you connect to a public Wi-Fi. 

Premium service: enjoy the support of security experts with its 24/7 technical customer service, PC security health check,  virus and spyware removal, remote diagnosis and repair. This package costs $39.95 when purchased separately.

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