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This Linksys Velop three-pack deal is $150 cheaper than Google Nest Wifi

Linksys Velop
(Image credit: Future)

Google may have announced its impressively designed mesh router system enhanced with Google Assistant: Nest Wifi, but it's rather expensive.

If you want a mesh Wi-Fi system in your home but don't want to have to finance it, Amazon has quite a deal on the Linksys Velop system.

For a three-pack of Linksys Velop mesh routers, Amazon has slashed $100 off the list price of $299.

Linksys Velop is $299 $199 on Amazon
Score a Linksys Velop router system for a whopping $100 off the list price. You'll get just about the same core experience as you would from more expensive mesh systems for a lot less.View Deal

This puts the Linksys Velop at a considerably cheaper price point than even today's Google Wifi product, much less the brand-new Nest Wifi.

Considering that you get largely the same core experience out of this router system compared to the above products among others, it makes this deal all the sweeter. We gave the Linksys Velop a four-star review, so you can be sure you're picking up a perfectly suitable wireless mesh system for far less than most.