This Google Nest Thermostat is a steal thanks to Amazon's Black Friday deals

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If you're after a smart thermostat that won't cost you an arm and a leg then you're in luck, as Amazon has Google's most affordable smart thermostat on offer for Black Friday.

The Black Friday deals are a great opportunity to pick up smart home devices and appliances at super-cheap prices, and right now you can get the Google Nest Thermostat for $89.98 at Amazon, down from $129.99). In the UK the discount isn't quite as generous, but it's still down from £132.26 to 115.34 at Amazon.

Not only can you pick up this thermostat at a budget-friendly price, but smart thermostats can help you reduce your bills by giving you better control over your home's heating – so effectively you're saving money twice over in the long run.

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Today's best Black Friday Nest Thermostat deal in the US

Google Nest thermostat: was

Google Nest thermostat: was $129.99 now $89.98 at Amazon
Google's affordable Google Nest smart thermostat is even cheaper thanks to this Black Friday deal. It's not the best smart thermostat out there (it lacks learning features that other models have, and which allow them to automatically change settings to suit your habits, although it can make optional suggestions to help you save money) but it's a capable device and it looks sleek. It's also pretty easy to install.

Today's best Black Friday Nest Thermostat deal in the UK

Google Nest thermostat: was

Google Nest thermostat: was £132.26 now £115.34 at Amazon
Google's more budget-friendly Nest Smart Thermostat is on offer for Black Friday. This smart thermostat looks stylish, and it's easy to install, just don't expect it to be quite as smart as more expensive models  (it can't learn your habits like some of Google's thermostats).

Smart thermostats are a great tool for people who have unpredictable schedules, or have a habit of forgetting to turn off their heating, as you can control your thermostat's settings from anywhere. Rather than heating an empty house or flat you can turn the heating off, or if you're cold you can up the temperature without the need to leave the comfort of your sofa or bed.

To that end this Google Nest smart thermostat is pretty good, the only downside is that this more budget-friendly model lacks some features that come with more expensive options. For example, the Nest Learning Thermostat can learn your habits and automatically adjust its settings. This more basic model can offer you suggestions for how to tweak your settings, but it's not quite as clever.

But those smarter smart thermostats also cost a lot more. In terms of bang for your buck, this Google Nest thermostat is the current champ thanks to this year's Black Friday deals.

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