The Dyson V15 Detect+ just got another huge Black Friday price cut

dyson v15 detect plus on offer at Dyson
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We thought we'd seen all of Dyson's offers in this year's set of Black Friday deals, but no. The manufacturer has just dropped the price of its Dyson V15 Detect+ – which was already reduced to £559 – even further. 

The Dyson V15 Detect+ is now down to £449.99 – and if you buy one you'll also get a complimentary detail cleaning kit, including a scratch-free dusting brush, an extension hose and a tool for awkward gaps exclusively through Dyson. That's £65 worth of extra kit, making it one of the best Black Friday vacuum deals that we've seen this year.

This is one of Dyson's best, most powerful and most intelligent cordless vacuum cleaners. It has whole-machine HEPA filtration, Dyson's Digital Motorcar cleaning head with built-in detangling for pet and human hair, a low-reach adaptor for getting under even the most awkward furniture and smart suction that automatically adjusts itself when it identifies higher volumes of dust.

The Dyson V15 Detect+ is the manufacturer's most awarded vacuum, including by us. We gave it the full five stars out of five in our Dyson V15 Detect review – and before Black Friday it was one of its most expensive too. Now at £449, it's even more attractive than before.

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Today's best Black Friday Dyson V15 Detect+ deal

Dyson V15 Detect+: £629£449 at Dyson

Dyson V15 Detect+: was £629 now £449 at Dyson
We gave this Dyson the full five stars when it was full price. This Black Friday deal makes it even more attractive, as it brings the price below £450 and includes a genuinely useful accessory kit worth £65. It's Dyson's most powerful and most intelligent cleaner yet – and you can only get the iron/black colourway at Dyson.

Dyson stopped making uprights a few years ago because its cordless vacuums had become so powerful, and the V15 Detect+ demonstrates that brilliantly: it's ridiculously powerful despite its compact dimensions, and its intelligent suction control automatically adjusts to cope with even the toughest cleaning tasks. 

In our review, we found that we could get up to 60 minutes from a single charge. The Dyson was also simple to use, pleasingly quiet on the lower power settings and no stress to empty.

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