Save $300 on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra before the year's out

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If you're looking to start the new year with a new Android phone, Amazon may just have the deal for you.

The retailer is offering the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, with multiple storage options for $300 less than its MSRP.

This huge saving, dropping right in time for Christmas, also sees the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus reduced, but it's the Ultra that sees the biggest price drop.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra won TechRadar's phone of the year award this year, and for good reason; it's the best of the S-series and the Note lineup.

In our 4.5-star review, we praised the S22 Ultra's cameras and fantastic zoom, as well as the gorgeous 6.8-inch display and S-Pen stylus.

The S22 is a great option, too, and it's discounted by $170 in the Amazon savings on offer. 

It's not a huge update on the Galaxy S21, and it doesn't have the incredible camera system as on the Ultra, but it's a good performer in a smaller form factor. We awarded it 4 stars in our review.


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: was $1,299.99, now $999.99 at Amazon

The TechRadar "phone of the year" winner, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is everything you could want in a smartphone in 2022.

It has a huge, gorgeous OLED panel that measures 6.8-inches, includes the S-Pen stylus, and has plenty of power for just about anything - whether you're multi-tasking or playing demanding games. 

Add to that arguably the best camera setup of the year, and the only downside is the price - but lopping $300 off the MSRP certainly helps that sting a little less.

The 128GB version is down to $899.99, too.


Samsung Galaxy S22: was $799.99, now $629.92 at Amazon

Samsung's base S22 is a great-looking device that packs plenty into its small frame. It's powerful, capable of flying through tasks, and offers Android 12.0 right out of the box.

It also has a solid camera array, and while it doesn't change much of what we loved about the S21, it's a good-looking phone with a 6.1-inch screen that's actually a little smaller than its predecessor.

In our review, we said “It's an incremental update that keeps what was good in the S21, and upgrades the camera, processor, and materials to create a solid Android device."

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