You won't find a better cheap 4K TV than these Currys deals with £100 savings

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Looking for a cheap 4K TV this weekend? Look no further than this truly excellent selection from Currys, where we've got not just one 4K TV deal to chose from, but three-weekend mega-deals, with savings of up to £100.

This fantastic SHARP 4T 50-inch 4K TV for just £269 at Currys will save you a hefty £80 on a full-fat HD bad boy. Capable of rendering beautiful colours and pumping out some great sounds, thanks to full HDR10 support it's inbuilt Harman Kardon speakers, it's easily one of our favourite cheap 4K TVs right now.

Next up, this JVC LT 55-inch 4K TV with Alexa for just £349 features a great saving of £100. This isn't just your average cheap 4K TV - it's much smarter than you would think thanks to it's built-in Amazon Alexa. With this JVC, you'll not only get a great picture, but also be able to other smart home devices with your voice - a really helpful tool.

Last but not least is this stunner of a 4K TV deal on a Samsung UE50RU 50-inch 4K TV for just £399 at Currys. Onboard is a host of premium tech, including Samsungs Dynamic Crystal Colour picture enhancement and Bixby voice assistant. This one's a little more expensive but you're still saving yourself £100 and getting yourself one of the best cheap 4K TV deals in the UK right now.

The best cheap 4K TV deals at Currys

SHARP 4T 50-inch 4K UHD TV | £349

SHARP 4T 50-inch 4K UHD TV | £349 £269 at Currys
Save £80
and grab a 4K TV mega-deal from Currys right now. A crystal sharp, HDR10 display means that all your favourite shows and movies will be rendered in a glorious range of colours, no matter how dimly lit the scenes are. Sounds are guaranteed to be lush with the two inbuilt Harman Kardon speakers and Sharp DTS TruSurround technology. We rarely see TVs of this quality go under £300, so this is the real deal right here.

JVC LT 55-Inch 4K UHD TV with Alexa | £449.99

JVC LT 55-Inch 4K UHD TV with Alexa | £449.99 £349 at Currys
Save £100
and get yourself a fully tricked out smart TV this weekend. Not only will you be saving yourself a tidy amount on this fully 4K UHDTV, but you'll get Amazon Alexa built right in. Suddenly your TV isn't just a TV anymore, it's now a smart assistant for your home. Ask Alexa the weather, news, control other smart devices in your house, or simply just flip through the channels with ease.

Samsung UE50RU 50-inch 4K UHD TV with Bixby | £499.99

Samsung UE50RU 50-inch 4K UHD TV with Bixby | £499.99 £399.99 at Currys
Save £100
and get a UHD 4K TV that's currently sitting at four and a half out of five stars on user reviews at Currys. HDR10+ is fully supported here as is HLG - which ensures a massive palette of colors thanks to Samsungs Dynamic Crystal Colour picture enhancement. If you're looking for smart assistant functionality then you'll also get Bixby included here - Samsungs handy voice assistant that's fully compatible with Alexa and Google.

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