All-new Apple MacBook Pro 14 gets rare $200 discount at Amazon - its lowest price

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Amazon's latest deals have cut the price of the latest Apple MacBook Pro 14 down to just $1,749 (opens in new tab) today - that's a full $200 off the usual MSRP and a match for the lowest we've ever seen. Note, this saving is applicable via a free coupon that's applied when you hit checkout.

Those on the hunt for MacBook Pro deals will be well served by this particular listing as it's a price we've only seen on one other occasion back in March. While discounts are no longer unusual on the 14-inch model (the more popular model versus the 16-inch), they're still fairly rare with only one or two cropping up per month on average.

Bringing down the price slightly on this admittedly pricey machine makes buying one of the best laptops (opens in new tab) on the market currently a little easier on the wallet. While expensive, the new MacBook Pro 14 (opens in new tab) is definitely a worthwhile purchase if you're going to make full use of its super-speedy M1 Pro chip. For design work, content creation, music production, and other processor-heavy tasks especially these MacBooks will easily breeze through - with excellent software support to boot. 

Of course, you don't have to be a professional or power-hungry enthusiast to appreciate the MacBook Pro 14. The gorgeous Liquid Retina display and all-aluminum design make it a great all-rounder, even if most people might be better served by saving some cash by going for the cheaper MacBook Air ($929 on Amazon (opens in new tab)).

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MacBook Pro deals at Amazon

Apple MacBook Pro 14: $1,949 (opens in new tab)

Apple MacBook Pro 14: $1,949 $1,749 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $200 -
It's pricey, but the new Apple MacBook Pro 14 is easily one of the best small-form-factor ultrabooks on the market right now and today's price at Amazon is a match for the lowest we've ever seen. With a superbly powerful M1 Pro chip, lavish Liquid Retina display, and lavish all-aluminium design, the latest MacBook Pro 14 is a fantastic choice for professionals, enthusiasts, or anyone looking to treat themselves to a high-end machine.

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