Cyber Monday GoPro deals 2022: your last chance to get the Black Friday deals

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The Cyber Monday GoPro deals let you take advantage of those excellent Black Friday's discounts for one more day. As most GoPro action cams, including its latest releases like the Hero 11 Black, are still discounted, you still have many opportunities to score one for less.

GoPro's 15% off site-wide sale is running until 11.59pm local time tonight. If you need a small stunt double for your smartphone camera, this sale is offering some of the best Cyber Monday deals around.

For example, you can pick up the brand-new Hero 11 Black Mini (with a GoPro Subscription) for only $262.48 (was $299.98), or the Hero 9 Black (a former flagship) for the same price. If you need an even cheaper action cam. you can also still get the GoPro Hero 8 Black at Target for $229 (was $299), but only until the end of Cyber Monday.

Below we've picked out the best GoPro Cyber Monday deals that are still live right now – if you're looking to buy one of the best GoPros, now is a very good time. And if you're looking for another kind of photographic companion, check out our separate Cyber Monday camera deals round-up.

Cyber Monday GoPro sales: quick links

The best Cyber Monday GoPro deals

GoPro Hero 8 Black: was $299

GoPro Hero 8 Black: was $299 now $229 at Target
This equals the lowest-ever price for the Hero 8 Black, making this a great deal on what is still an excellent action camera. It's no longer part of GoPro's official lineup, but if all you need is a 4K/60p action cam with HyperSmooth stabilization and integrated mounting fingers, the Hero 8 Black is a great choice, particularly at this price.

GoPro Hero 8 Black: was $356

GoPro Hero 8 Black: was $356 now $329 at Amazon
This the lowest price we've ever seen for this GoPro bundle, which is a particularly great deal if you're a watersports fan. The Hero 8 Black shoots 4K/60p video with HyperSmooth stabilization and the included case takes its waterproofing up to 60m. With two spare batteries and a case also included, it offers great value.

GoPro Hero 9 Black with GoPro Subscription: was $299.98

GoPro Hero 9 Black with GoPro Subscription: was $299.98 now $262.48 at GoPro
A record-low price for the Hero 9 Black, which is now the value sweet spot for GoPros. It's still one of the best action cams around, thanks to its 5K video quality, handy front display for vloggers and some 'Power Tools' tricks that really boost its versatility beyond action sports.
GoPro Hero 9 Black (no Subscription): was $349.99 now $297.49

GoPro Hero 10 Black with GoPro Subscription: was $349.98

GoPro Hero 10 Black with GoPro Subscription: was $349.98 now $304.98 at GoPro
If you don't need the Hero 11 Black's square sensor for shooting TikTok-friendly vertical videos, then this Hero 10 Black deal is likely the one for you. It arrived for $399 just over a year ago, and still has the GP2 processor, 4K/120p slo-mo mode and class-leading stabilization of its newer sibling.
GoPro Hero 10 Black (no Subscription): was $449.99 now $382.49

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini with GoPro Subscription: was $299.98

GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini with GoPro Subscription: was $299.98 now $262.48 at GoPro
Wow, we did not expect to see the brand-new Hero 11 Black Mini get a Black Friday discount so soon, but now is definitely the time to pick one up. Despite being smaller and lighter than its Hero 11 Black brother, this little action cam has the same sensor and image quality. If you don't mind its lack of screen or photo-taking powers, it could be one for you.
GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini (no Subscription): was $399.99 now $339.99

GoPro Hero 11 Black with GoPro Subscription: was $399.98

GoPro Hero 11 Black with GoPro Subscription: was $399.98 now $347.48 at GoPro
GoPro's best-ever action camera has already been given a sizable price cut in this excellent 15% off deal. The Hero 11 Black builds on its predecessor's strong foundation with a versatile new 1/1.9in sensor (which is ideal for vertical videos), a new HyperView digital lens and a new Enduro battery. It's the best action camera you can buy right now.
GoPro Hero 10 Black (no Subscription): was $499.99 now $424.99

GoPro Max (with 1-year GoPro Subscription): was $399.98

GoPro Max (with 1-year GoPro Subscription): was $399.98 now $347.48 at GoPro
GoPro's excellent 360-degree camera has now dropped to the price of most single-lens Hero cameras, thanks to this 15% price cut. The benefit of 360 cameras is that you can choose the framing of your videos after they've been shot, making the Max a versatile companion for your travel adventures.
GoPro Max (no Subscription): was $499.99 now $424.99 from GoPro

Cyber Monday GoPro Deals: our predictions

We expect the Cyber Monday GoPro deals to come in two main flavors: GoPro's own deals on its latest models, with big Subscription discounts, and price cuts on older, discontinued models at retailers.

GoPro's 15% off sitewide sale is currently its main offer and this is unlikely to be beaten during Cyber Monday. These are some of the best discounts we've seen for a few years, as last year the best Cyber Monday deal was the Hero 10 Black's Accessories Bundle for $399 / £379 with a Subscription.

If you're looking for a budget action cam, your best bet is to look elsewhere at retailer deals. Models like the Hero 8 Black are no longer in GoPro's lineup, but continue to offer excellent value for those who don't need the latest stabilization or a front-facing screen.

When will the GoPro Cyber Monday deals start?

The GoPro Cyber Monday deals are set to start on November 28 this year, just a few days after Black Friday (which took place on November 25). The best discounts tend to arrive on the day itself, but the Black Friday deals give us a strong indication of what's likely to arrive – and many of the same deals carry over to Cyber Monday.

Last year, we saw a good Holiday Bundle on the Hero 10 Black's Accessories bundle, but this year it's possible we'll see that trumped as GoPro looks to shake off competition from rivals like DJI and Insta360.

Where will the best Cyber Monday GoPro deals be?

You'll find the best Cyber Monday GoPro deals here as soon as they land, but sometimes it's good to have a browse yourself. We've listed the retailers we most recommend shopping at for GoPro deals over Cyber Monday below
– they're worth perusing in the run-up to the big day to get a feel for their current pricing, so you can jump on any price drops.

US Retailers
Amazon: good non-Subscription deals available on current models
Best Buy: get a free $50 gift card with the Hero 10 Black
GoPro: the best place for big Subscription discounts
Walmart: still offering its great deal on the GoPro Hero 8 Black

Tips for buying a GoPro action camera

The sheer number of GoPro action cameras, and their similar names, can make choosing the right one difficult. So we've put together this quick primer on picking the best GoPro for your needs.

In general, GoPro models differ in terms of their features and shooting modes, rather than their ruggedness. Since the Hero 5 Black launched in 2016, all GoPros have been waterproof to 10m without a case – so if that's your main priority, an older model could suit you better than the latest ones, and help save you some money.

Still, occasionally GoPros do make big leaps forward, with the models in between offering more incremental upgrades. In the past few years, we'd say those paradigm-shifting models have been the GoPro Hero 9 Black and Hero 7 Black. This is because the Hero 9 Black (below) brought a new sensor and a front-facing screen, while the Hero 7 Black was the first to deliver GoPro's class-leading HyperSmooth stabilization.

This doesn't necessarily mean those two models are the only ones considering, though. For example, last year's Hero 10 Black is a far more polished version of the Hero 9 Black, thanks to its GP2 processor. And if you want the most versatile GoPro ever, the new Hero 11 Black is that camera. Fundamentals like image quality are, though, very similar on all three models.

GoPro Hero 9 Black

(Image credit: Future)

If you want a more affordable GoPro, then you'll likely be deciding between the Hero 8 Black and Hero 7 Black. This decision largely comes down how much you prize accessories. The Hero 8 Black was the first GoPro to be compatible with GoPro's 'Mod' add-ons, which include the 'Media Mod' with its built-in microphone, a Display Mod for those who need a front-facing screen, and the Light Mod. If you don't need those, or the Hero 8 Black's handy built-in mounting fingers, then the Hero 7 Black could be a good Cyber Monday buy.

Lastly, there are older GoPro models like the Hero 6 Black and older. These days, we'd generally recommend only getting GoPros from the Hero 7 Black onwards, due to the absence of HyperSmooth stabilization on models before those ones. However, there are a couple of exceptions. 

Firstly, Cyber Monday can deliver some great 'holiday bundle' deals on older GoPros, whose range of accessories can help compensate for their older features. Also, while the Hero 7 White and Hero 7 Silver lack HyperSmooth stabilization, the latter can shoot in 4K – so if you're going to be moving over relatively smooth terrain, it could also offer great value during Cyber Monday.

Should I buy a GoPro with a Subscription during Cyber Monday?

For the past couple of years, GoPro has been offering large discounts on its current action cameras when you buy them with a GoPro Subscription. This makes the buying decision a little more complicated – so should you sign up for a Subscription, or are there downsides?

Firstly, those discounts aren't quite as sizable as they may appear, because the price of GoPro's flagships has gone up by 10-15% in the past few years. For example, the GoPro Hero 8 Black originally launched for $399.99 / £379.99, which is the same price as this year's GoPro Hero 10 Black with a Subscription.

Still, leaving that aside, the Subscription offers do offer good value – and we'd certainly recommend signing up for one when buying a GoPro from the 2022 range, for a couple of reasons. The first one is that you can cancel the annual Subscription at any time before it automatically renews after a year.

A GoPro Hero 10 Black and GoPro Max on a blue background

(Image credit: GoPro)

But the other is that the Subscription brings some very handy features. You can read more about them in our GoPro Subscription guide, but in short you get unlimited cloud storage for all of your footage (in original quality), sizable discounts on GoPro accessories, replacements for damaged cameras (with a small fee), the ability to set up private livestream links, and all of the premium features of the GoPro Quik editing app (which typically costs $9.99 / £9.49 / AU$14.99 per year).

Given those benefits, and the fact that a GoPro Subscription on its own costs $49.99 / £49.99 / AU$69.99 per year, we think it's definitely taking up the Subscription offer if you're thinking of buying a GoPro Hero 10 Black, Hero 9 Black, Hero 8 Black or Max during Black Friday or Cyber Monday this year. Just make sure you set a reminder for the Subscription's auto-renew date, so you can make a decision on whether or not to keep it.

Where are the best places to find GoPro Cyber Monday deals?

All the very best GoPro Black Friday deals will be right here on this page so you don’t have to search for them. However, if you would prefer to shop around for yourself and get a feel for the market before the biggest deals of the year roll in, we’ve listed our top pick of retailers below. 

US Retailers:
discounts on cameras and creative gear
Amazon: stocks a wide range of products
Best Buy: additional member discounts and incentives
B&H Photo: good for high end creative tech
GoPro: get a great deal direct from GoPro   
Walmart: fast delivery or same day pick up on lots of products 

Which GoPros will be discounted outside of bundles on Cyber Monday?

The GoPro Hero 9, 8 and 7 were all discounted last year so if you’re not looking for the added extras of a bundle, you can still pick up a bargain on an action camera. The newest GoPro at the time, the GoPro Hero 9 Black, had a $50/£50 saving, which was matched on its predecessor, the GoPro Hero 8 Black. The GoPro Hero 7 was the oldest model that was on sale last year – a price cut of $80 in the US.

The new GoPro Hero 10 was released in September, which has knocked the GoPro Hero 7 down the pecking order. So we expect those bigger discounts to be on the GoPro Hero 8 instead this year. The new model of action camera is already discounted on the GoPro website and after we saw the GoPro Hero 9 reduced in the GoPro Black Friday deals last year, we could see a price cut on the latest camera in this year’s sales.  

Will there be Cyber Monday deals on GoPro accessories? 

GoPro's latest flagship may be an obvious pick, but its new GP2 processor means we think it's worth the premium over the Hero 9 Black. That processor unlocks a load of useful features, including the ability to shoot 4K/120p video and a much smoother user interface. The result is an action camera that's ideal for all-weather vlogging, capturing your adventures in 5K, or a whole host of other situations if you tap into its 'Power Tools', livestreaming and webcam tricks. There are certainly more affordable GoPros than the Hero 10 Black, and older models like the Hero 8 Black are worth considering if video quality isn't paramount – but GoPro's latest flagship is undoubtedly its most polished, versatile action camera so far.

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