This deal gives you three months of free broadband and I absolutely love it!

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Finding the best broadband deals has often sent me down a path of considering broadband and TV deals, quad-play deals and some of the fastest connection speeds available from providers, but now 5G broadband deals are starting to turn my head, especially with three months of broadband absolutely free and a cost of only £20 per month from month four up for grabs.

That’s right, with a Three 5G broadband hub on a 24-month contract, you can get three months of free broadband on the UK’s fastest 5G network, and once your three months end, you only pay £20 per month, with no speed decreases and no change to your contract, just simple fast broadband for an obscenely low price. 

Three 5G Home Broadband - Unlimited Data, 24-month contract, 3 MONTHS FREE, £20 per month after:

Three 5G Home Broadband - Unlimited Data, 24-month contract, 3 MONTHS FREE, £20 per month after:

Get 5G home broadband with Three, the UK's fastest 5G network. With download speeds up to 265Mb/s and latencies as low as 34ms with no need for an engineer to install your connection, simply plug in, insert your SIM card, and go!

Three 5G home broadband offers download speeds up to 265Mb/s with latencies of around 34ms, more than capable of rivalling your more conventional cable broadband deals. What’s more, there’s no need for an engineer to install your new broadband, simply plug in your router, insert your SIM card, and get connected! 

5G broadband has long been something that I have watched with eager anticipation and finally, thanks to Three, we are starting to see 5G broadband deals that are not only a cut below other cable-less broadband deals when it comes to price, but which also offer speeds comparable to some of the best fibre broadband deals you can find. 

If, like me, you struggle with finding the optimal location for your broadband router, you’re also in luck, as, since there are no cables required, if you are struggling to get a strong connection, you can simply unplug your router, move it to a more optimal location in your house, and try again. To help you with this, the Three 5G broadband app is able to give you an indicator of your signal strength which you can use to ensure your router is in the best place for how you use your connection. 

I spend my days trying to find people the best ways to save on their bills, and since Three not only provides 5G broadband, but also great value mobile contracts, you can save yourself even more of your well-earned cash by taking advantage of exclusive existing customer discounts when you sign up. Three frequently have great ways to save on your mobile and broadband deals, check out some of today’s top offers from Three below: 

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