£22 per month for unlimited data on Three's 5G home broadband, yes please!

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Great value broadband is often something that is easy to find but comes with limitations in speed, latency and benefits, but with Three's 5G home broadband, this might no longer be the case. 

For only £22 per month, Three's 5G home broadband gives you the opportunity to get download speeds up to 265Mbps (According to tests by Speedtest.net) with no need for installation fees, no excess cables, and no added stress, plus you get the first three months absolutely free. 

Three have the UK's fastest 5G network, meaning you can get some of the best smartphone deals, 4G home broadband deals, and 5G home broadband deals, and have the option to access some of the fastest speeds available from a mobile network. In fact, Three's 5G network was able to achieve speeds over twice as fast as EE 5G when tested by Ookla. 

Three 5G Home Broadband - Unlimited Data, 24-month contract, 3 MONTHS FREE, £22 per month after:

Three 5G Home Broadband - Unlimited Data, 24-month contract, 3 MONTHS FREE, £22 per month after:

Get 5G home broadband with Three, the UK's fastest 5G network. With download speeds up to 265Mb/s and latencies as low as 34ms with no need for an engineer to install your connection, simply plug in, insert your SIM card, and go!

With Three 5G home broadband, you can take full control of your connection, no fixed cables means you can move your router to wherever is best in the house for you to get your strongest connection, and options for ethernet connections and optimisations via Three's Home Broadband app mean you can be in charge when it comes to working out how to get the best connections for the devices you use most.

Looking to save move across your bills? By signing up for a Three 5G home broadband plan, you can access Three's wide array of existing customer discounts that enable you to save on the latest smartphones, tablets, smart wearables and more, meaning you can get your hands on the latest tech for less. 

This deal not quite taking your fancy? Or considering getting a smartphone for a great price instead? Check out some of Three's best deals below to see how you can save on your latest device.

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