New year, new broadband deal? Sky's Superfast package now includes a £50 gift card

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Looking to grab a new broadband deal that will save you some cash? Well, your luck is in. 

Right now Sky Broadband is offering its Superfast (61Mbps) broadband option for only £27 per month. Plus, if you sign up for an 18-month contract and pay the £5 upfront fee before 18th January, you'll also receive a £50 reward card! Be aware this offer is only valid for new Sky Broadband customers, including existing Sky TV customers with no current Sky Broadband package. 

Sky's Superfast broadband provides your home with an affordable, yet capable, fibre broadband connection. It offers average download speeds of 61Mbps and will comfortably allow you to stream all of the latest shows to your devices or download games or large files in a respectable timeframe. At £27 per month, it's a solid option if you're looking for a reliable broadband connection that doesn't break the bank. 

Remember, with this deal, you're also eligible to receive a £50 gift voucher that you can redeem at M&S, Red Letter Days, John Lewis/Waitrose, Tesco, Giftcloud or Sainsbury's. You'll receive this voucher after your service has been installed and your validation period has passed. 

Ready to redeem this offer? Simply click on the link below. Alternatively, if you think it's not quite right for you, head over to our best broadband deals page and find an option that suits your requirements. 

Our Sky Broadband Deal

Sky's Superfast Broadband | 61Mbps average download speeds | 18-month contract | £5 upfront | £27 per month | £50 reward card

Sky's Superfast Broadband | 61Mbps average download speeds | 18-month contract | £5 upfront | £27 per month | £50 reward card 
Sky's Superfast Broadband is a great option. It provides average download speeds of 61Mbps and allows you to download and stream with ease. Plus, it only costs £27 per month (with a £5 upfront fee). At the moment, new Sky Broadband customers can also receive a £50 reward card when they signup for an 18-month contract. Offer ends 18/01/2024

Why choose Sky Broadband?

Sky Broadband has become the go-to provider for people looking for great broadband and TV bundles, as well as people who specifically want to watch Sky Channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky Sports, and Sky Cinema. 

It's easy to see why more than 6,000,000 customers have chosen Sky as their broadband provider. After all, the company has one of the widest and best offerings on the market and offers speeds from 61Mbps to 900Mbps. Plus, the company allows you to bundle a wide selection of TV packages, streaming services, home phones and mobile options.

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