Get TalkTalk's mighty 'Full Fibre 500' broadband for £39 p/m + a £75 gift card

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If you've been souring all the best broadband deals on the market looking for an ultrafast package, then you might want to take a look at what we've found here.

Right now you can get TalkTalk's 'Full Fibre 500' broadband, which offers huge average download speeds of 525Mbps, for just £39 a month. It's a 24-month contract, there aren't any upfront fees to pay and it comes with unlimited data. In addition to this, if you sign up using our link, you'll can receive a gift card worth £75 to use at one of six different retailers. 

TalkTalk says this package is 'perfect for ultra busy homes' and is '13x faster than standard fibre broadband'. With such speeds it's hard to disagree and essentially it can cover the demands of any size of household - TalkTalk also claims it can handle upwards of 75 devices at once. It even comes with some top tech in the form of a 'free Amazon eero Pro 6 mesh system with Tri-band Wi-Fi 6'.

There are a few things to consider here though, if you are keen on this deal. It's only open to new TalkTalk customers and whether you can access it depends on if your household or business has access to the Full Fibre network. However, this is something you can check directly with TalkTalk when you look to sign up.

Lastly, the deal is only for a limited time and you have until 7:59am on July 20 to make the most of it. 


TalkTalk | Full Fibre 500 broadband | £39 per month | 525Mbps | 24-month Contract | No upfront fees | + £75 Gift Card

TalkTalk | Full Fibre 500 broadband | £39 per month | 525Mbps | 24-month Contract | No upfront fees | + £75 Gift Card
This ultrafast 'Full Fibre' broadband from TalkTalk gives impressive average download speeds of 525Mbps and is available for just £39 a month. This is a 24-month contract, you don't have any upfront fees to pay and if you sign up via our link you'll get a £75 gift card to spend at a choice of stores. This is one of TalkTalk's fastest packages and the provider claims it can manage the demands of even the busiest of properties. However, it is only open to new TalkTalk customers, you need to have 'Full Fibre' access and the offer runs until 7:59am on July 20. So act now if you want to sign up.

Why should you choose TalkTalk for your broadband?

TalkTalk regularly has top deals and offers like the one we've featured above. But, there's much more to enjoy about this particular internet service provider (ISP).

TalkTalk has now established itself as one of the UK's most popular broadband providers, thanks chiefly to the fact it has some of the lowest prices on fibre and Full Fibre broadband. This is especially noticeable when compared with the likes of Sky and BT for similar packages.

What it doesn't have is as wide of a range of broadband speeds to choose from in comparison to BT and Sky, but there are still a number of great options to discover. These range from its slower fibre speeds, through to its choice of four Full Fibre tariffs that start at 77Mbps and top out at 944Mbps. In other words, it can cover the online requirements of households of all sizes.

On top of this, you can also find some broadband and TV bundle deals, but again these aren't as comprehensive as what's on offer from Sky, BT and Virgin Media.

Where TalkTalk has faced some criticism is with its customer services and it doesn't fare well on Trustpilot, where it's currently rated 2.8/5 based on 75,000 reviews. This is typically down to its long wait times and issues some have had getting their problems resolved. 

So if you want to see what other ultrafast broadband packages are on the market right now, or you just want to see how TalkTalk measures up against other providers, we can help. Simply enter your postcode into our widget below and we'll show you exactly what deals can be found near you from TalkTalk and more top ISPs.

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