Apple October 2023 event – 3 things we could see at the surprise Mac reveal

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We've got another Apple event to look forward to: with the tagline "scary fast" attached to it, the event is scheduled for October 30 at 5 PM PT, or 12am GMT / 11am AEDT on October 31. As usual, Apple isn't giving much away – but we can make some educated guesses about what's going to be unveiled.

Remember this is following the grand unveiling of the iPhone 15 series, the Apple Watch 9, and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 on September 12. That was an in-person event with a live audience, whereas this October event will be live streamed over the web.

Considering we've already seen new phones and new smartwatches, and that new iPads aren't expected until March, it seems the stage is set for Macs to be front and center this time around – and Macs powered by new M3 chips

Here's what we think might be arriving on Monday, October 30, based on previous launches and current rumors.

M3 MacBook Pros

An imagined mock-up of a potential Apple M3 Logo

Is Apple about to unveil M3 chips? (Image credit: Apple / Future)

According to one of the best Apple analysts in the business, Ming-Chi Kuo, MacBook Pros updated with brand new M3 chips will be the main focus of the October event. Considering Kuo's track record, we'd say new 13-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch models are likely.

What's more, the mention of an "M3 series" suggests that M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chips could all be unveiled at this event. Kuo had previously said that these MacBook Pros would launch in 2024, but sluggish M2 MacBook Pro sales may have forced Apple's hand.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman – another top-tier Apple source – has also weighed in to say that 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros running M3 Pro and M3 Max chips have been tested internally by Apple. Gurman says he is certain these new laptops will be launched next week, but that the designs will remain largely the same.

M3 MacBook Air

We got a 13-inch M2 MacBook Air last year, and then a 15-inch version earlier in 2023, which makes us think that a new M3 MacBook Air isn't due quite yet. Apple could always surprise us, but this is the laptop that Apple has refreshed most recently.

The latest rumor we heard around an M3 MacBook Air was that both the 13-inch and 15-inch models are now in testing and being readied for production, but that a launch won't happen until the first half of 2024 at the earliest.

M3 iMac

Apple iMac 24-inch M1 (2021) in blue on a desk

We might see a new iMac very soon (Image credit: Future)

We're arguably due a new iMac, considering the 24-inch model was last updated in 2021 and the 27-inch model last got a refresh back in 2020, but there are conflicting rumors about whether or not we're going to see an updated iMac of any size at this October event.

Only last week we were hearing from well-placed sources that the 24-inch M3 iMac wouldn't be showing up until 2024, with a larger 32-inch version of the all-in-one – featuring mini-LED display technology, on the schedule for 2025.

Hang on just a moment though, because more recent rumors suggest that this 24-inch model will indeed appear this month after all. 

To further confuse matters, this update could well stick with the current M2 chip rather than taking on fresh silicon.

Other Macs

There's clearly a lot of confusion about what exactly Apple is unveiling at this October event, with leaks and rumors building up over the months. We haven't yet mentioned the Mac mini, though that computer isn't expected to be updated until 2024.

However, considering the Apple logo turns into the macOS Finder logo on the October event page, it seems a safe bet than new Apple Macs of some description are indeed in the pipeline and ready to be shown off to the world.

We will of course be covering the event for you live, and as it's being streamed online you can watch along with us as all the announcements are made. In the meantime, expect a few more leaks and rumors in the coming days.

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