Save $330 on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ and get a free keyboard attachment in this great deal

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In the field of high-end tablets, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ sits amongst some of the more expensive on the market right now. Normally, I wouldn't recommend splurging on the tablet - despite its sleek, simplistic design and included accessories - due to its rather steep asking price. However – the professional tablet is on sale right now, at a pretty tasty price.

Best Buy has knocked $330 off the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+, taking the price down from $929.99 to $599.99.  Unlike other deals I've seen floating around offering the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+, this deal includes the Black Type Cover, so you can turn your tablet into a laptop straight out of the box.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ is perfect for the hybrid worker who braves long, cramped commutes and works across locations. You can browse through meeting notes while standing up on the subway and pop the keyboard on and get working as soon as you're at your desk. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ deal

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+:$929.99now $599.99 at Best Buy 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+: was $929.99 now $599.99 at Best Buy 
The Surface Pro 7 is a great tablet, which can run Windows 11, along with Windows programs. This is an incredible deal for Microsoft's gorgeous tablet. Packing a 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor and 8GB RAM, this is now at its low price for the holidays. You don't want to miss this deal!

The Surface Pro 7+ is not just all work and no play. You should be able to get Fortnite to a playable frame rate at 1080p for the casual lunchtime session with your colleagues. 

In short, this tablet is going to chew through all ordinary computing tasks and serve as a fine portable multitasker to boot that can handle the odd gaming session over lunch. The additional graphics capabilities should also serve digital artists well to boot. It’s  a major bump forward in performance that power users will definitely see, but that the average user likely won’t notice.

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