AMD exec hints at big Gamescom reveals – likely RDNA 3 GPUs, but we could get a surprise

An AMD Radeon RX 7600 on a desk
(Image credit: Future / John Loeffler)

AMD is rumored to be launching new RDNA 3 graphics cards very soon – to fill out the mid-range of its current-gen GPUs – and we’ve just got a heavy hint that they’ll be coming at Gamescom.

Gamescom is taking place next week (starting August 23), and Scott Herkelman, who is Senior Vice President of the AMD Radeon division, let us know to expect something big on X (formerly Twitter).

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We’re told to expect “major product announcements” from the graphics card group, so note the plural there.

AMD has already said ‘enthusiast class’ graphics cards are coming in Q3, and the grapevine believes that AMD will unveil two new RDNA 3 GPUs. So, we are expecting more than one announcement, with the above tweet confirming there’ll be multiple product reveals.

In theory, these graphics cards will be the RX 7700 XT and RX 7800 XT, based on chatter via the rumor mill (and spillage of product details, such as a box shot of the 7800 XT from PowerColor).

Or we might get vanilla versions of these GPUs (non-XT), or maybe one XT (the 7800 presumably, given the PowerColor leak), and one non-XT; who knows.

Analysis: FSR FTW?

The likelihood is that we will get two XT models for the RX 7700 and 7800 to fill in the gaping hole present in AMD’s current-gen line-up. Remember that the RDNA 3 family consists of RX 7900 models, and then there’s a huge step down to RX 7600 at the lower-end of the market. Mid-range options will be hugely welcome, although you wouldn’t think it looking at the feedback on X.

In fact, more gamers seem to be excited about another possibility – that AMD might reveal FSR 3, its frame rate boosting tech to rival Nvidia DLSS 3 (technically, it’s frame generation, of course). The comments regarding the potential launch of new RDNA 3 GPUs mostly seem to be of the ‘oh great, more overpriced graphics cards’ nature (oh, you cynics), rather than excitement about new challengers to rise up the rankings of the best graphics cards.

Maybe AMD could surprise us with its pricing for the new GPUs, though. And maybe we will see an FSR 3 reveal, as AMD has been silent on the incoming tech for too long now, leaving its initial announcement (nine long months ago) looking like a knee-jerk reaction to the launch of DLSS 3.

Rumor has it FSR 3 is set to arrive in Q4 of this year, or perhaps as early as September, so it’s quite possible we could get a taster, and a launch date, at Gamescom – as well as a pair of new RDNA 3 graphics cards. Fingers crossed for a full house of reveals…

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