The best Virgin broadband and TV deals and bundles in July 2024

Virgin broadband and TV deals will be one of the most obvious options for anyone who's looking to score their internet and TV in one package. Competing with BT and Sky for the top spot, there's a lot to choose from with broadband deals from this big name brand.

Where Virgin really succeeds is in the amount of choices it offers. It has a wide range of broadband deals featuring TV, ranging from the incredibly affordable options with basic packages through to options with HD TV, SIM plans and more.

Virgin follows up the wealth of choices with its second key factor - Virgin broadband and TV deals all come with some awesome speeds. It starts at a speed faster than most basic fibre plans and works up past 300Mb averages.

If you already have an idea of what you want from Virgin then this will be easy! Simply make use of the price comparison chart above to see all of the available options.

Not sure what you want or need from Virgin's broadband and TV deals yet? Not a problem. We've broken down all of the key factors and features below so you can find out more and see how it compares to other broadband and TV deals.

Virgin broadband and TV deals

What Virgin broadband and TV deals are there:

Big Bundle
The cheapest of Virgin's broadband and TV deals, the Big Bundle is perfectly positioned for those not wanting to blow too much money on their plan. You get some decent fibre speeds which, depending on what promotion Virgin is offering, can range between 54 - 108Mb. It offers inclusive weekend calls and over 105 TV channels as well as the ability to pause and rewind live TV.

Bigger Bundle
As the name suggests, this is a bigger version of the above package. It doubles the amount of channels on offer and throws in the likes of BT Sport in 4K, Comedy Central, Fox, Sky Sports, Sky One, the History Channel and more. It offers speeds that average 108Mb and like the above, you get inclusive weekend calls.

Bigger Bundle + Movies, Sports or Drama
The Bigger Bundle offers three potential add-on packages - Movies, Sport or Drama. These, as the names suggests, gets you the Bigger Bundle plus a selection of additional channels. Go with Sports and you'll get all of the Sky Sports channels and BT Sport in 4K. Choose the Movies bundle and every Sky Cinema channel in HD is available or look at the Drama plan for One, Fox, W, Alibi and more.

Ultimate Volt Bundle
Virgin's biggest and best broadband and TV package is the Ultimate Volt Bundle. It comes with speeds averaging 516Mb, over 250 channels including Sky Cinema, BT Sport and Sky Sports in HD, anytime calls and Virgin will even throw in an unlimited data SIM plan on top. Lastly, you get two TV boxes so you can use them on two different TVs in your home.

Virgin broadband and TV deals

Virgin broadband and TV deals

What TV channels are available with Virgin?

After a recent re-branding, Virgin now offers two different TV packages - Mixit and Maxit. With Virgin's Big Bundle you get the Mixit collection of channels whereas all of  the other Virgin broadband and TV deals come with Maxit TV.

Mixit TV
Choose a package that uses Mixit TV and you'll get over 120 channels. This is mostly comprised of Freeview channels but throws in a few extras like CNBC, YouTube and +1 versions of Freeview channels.

Maxit TV
Virgin's larger TV package is available on all of the Bigger packages and the Ultimate Oomph option. It supplies a minimum of 216 channels which on top of freeview lands you Sky One, Witness, Arts and Sports in HD, MTV, E!, SyFy, National Geographic, the History Channel and a whole lot more.

Virgin broadband and TV deals

Virgin broadband and TV deals

Can I get a phone line with Virgin Media broadband?

Every single Virgin broadband and TV deal comes with a phone line. In terms of phone packages, these get better the more you are willing to spend.

If you go for Virgin's regular Big Bundle, Bigger Bundle or any packages that come under these two options, you get anytime weekend calls. Make the upgrade to Virgin's Ultimate Oomph bundle and you get anytime calls.

Virgin does also offer standalone phone plans separate from broadband or TV, if that is something that you are more interested in

Virgin broadband and TV deals

Virgin broadband and TV deals

Do I have to pay anything up front for Virgin broadband?

Yes, but not a lot. No matter which Virgin Media broadband package you choose, you'll have to pay a one-off £35 activation fee. Virgin has recently started running the occasional promotion where it will cut this fee completely but these are rare.

Virgin broadband and TV deals

Virgin broadband and TV deals

How long will my Virgin Media contract be?

The standard Virgin broadband contract is for 12 months, after which your monthly price may be subject to change. Virgin does also run 18 month plans on some of its deals so it is worth checking what length is available on the deal you are considering.

But if you're a commitment-phobe, you can choose to go on a flexible 30 day rolling contract instead. The only downside is that you have to pay £65 upfront for the privilege.

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