Can I keep my old email address when I switch broadband?

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Internet plans are better and more varied than ever nowadays so you're well within your rights to make a switch – in fact it's usually a smart move. So if you want a faster connection, you're moving home, you want to save money, or you simply want a new provider, you can pick from plenty of great broadband deals. But can you keep your email address after the move?

Lots of broadband providers offered an email address included as part of the package and if you've got used to using it you'll likely not want to lose it. Here's what you need to know about switching broadband while keeping your email address.

Which broadband providers let you keep your email address?

If you're email address was indeed provided by your internet service provider (ISP) then who that happens to be is the deciding factor in what happens to your email address after you move away. This varies from ISP to ISP - and we have information on what some of the major ones will allow:


No problem - at a cost

BT Broadband will let you take your email address with you. However, this does require you to sign-up to BT Premium Mail which is charged at a monthly fee of £7.50 per month.

That said, there is a sneaky little trick to get around this. If you know someone else with BT Broadband, they're eligible to have up to 10 email addresses. Simply transfer your address to their account and you can keep using it for free!


No problem

Sky allows you to keep your email address indefinitely, even after you've cancelled your broadband connection. While Sky leaves your account open, without a charge, it will be shut down if left unused for months at a time, so be sure to check in from time to time.

Virgin Media

Will be deleted

Virgin Media is less helpful. You get 90 days of email use after you cancel your connection and then it's deleted. So be sure to set up forwarding to a new third-party email. More on that below.

Post Office

Will be deleted

Post Office Broadband also dumps your email when you leave, so be sure to save anything you need before you cancel your connection.


No problem - at a cost

Plusnet, like BT, lets you keep your email address after you cancel your broadband but for a fee. This gives you access to Member Centre features too, but be sure to ask for this before you cancel or you could lose your email address.


No problem - wit hreservations

TalkTalk Webmail will work for a year after you cancel your broadband. But you can't access settings, you can simply send and receive emails. So your best bet is to set up forwarding from this account to a third-party before you cancel your broadband.

How can third-party email addresses help?

By going for an email provider that is separate to your internet provider you can ensure that it stays with you no matter where you move. Gmail and Outlook, aka Hotmail, are well established options that offer free email forever. You can check out our guide to the best email service providers and take your pick.

If you're making the transition from a broadband email address you can set up forwarding so that anything sent to your old address also appears in your new inbox, to help ease the transition.

What is the best broadband for me?

If and when you decide to make the move, you need to be sure your next broadband provider gives you the best deal, meaning not only a good price but fast connection speeds and reliability, too. To find out your ideal connection use our best broadband deals guide or, for something faster, our selection of the best fibre broadband deals

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