SecureMyEmail secure email review

Secure up to five email accounts.

SecureMyEmail review
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TechRadar Verdict

SecureMyEmail is an easy-to-use, advanced platform that applies military-grade encryption to your email correspondence.


  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Top-of-the-range security features


  • -

    Limited number of email accounts

  • -

    No free version

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Cybercriminals are forever developing new ways to steal your data, and hacking your email account is one of the easiest ways to do so. It’s no wonder, then, that companies such as SecureMyEmail are doing well, providing the best secure email service.

In our SecureMyEmail (opens in new tab) review, we take a deep dive into one of the best secure email providers available. We examine its pros and cons, giving you all the information you need to decide whether it’s the right service for you.

SecureMyEmail provides end-to-end encryption for your existing email accounts (Image credit: SecureMyEmail)

SecureMyEmail: Plans and pricing

All SecureMyEmail users can benefit from a 30-day free trial, which enables you to test the service across all your devices and email accounts—no credit card required. All the service’s features are available during the trial period, and nothing changes when you upgrade. 

Once your trial is complete, you’ll be given the option to continue using the service by opting to pay for it. We were impressed by the simplicity of the pricing structure—just $29.99 per user for an annual subscription, or $3.99 paid monthly. 

If you want to offer SecureMyEmail to your employees, there is a bespoke service available that includes dedicated support. You’ll need to contact the sales team directly to negotiate discounted rates—depending on volume—and set up a consolidated invoice structure so you don’t need to pay for each employee account independently.

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SecureMyEmail is simply priced (Image credit: SecureMyEmail)

SecureMyEmail: Features

With SecureMyEmail, you don’t need to set up a new email account (opens in new tab). Instead, the platform enables you to create an encrypted email option for up to five of your existing email accounts to be used at your discretion. The service provides your existing accounts with an extra layer of security: zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption (opens in new tab).

“Zero knowledge” means no one can see the content of your emails except the intended recipient. They are encrypted at the source and can only be decrypted when they reach their destination. 

SecureMyEmail enables you to sign your emails digitally using cryptographic keys. This means only you can send legitimate emails from your account and there’s no danger that anything has been altered in transit. 

This clever, complex technique is particularly useful if you want to send sensitive documents containing financial or legal content. 

You can use SecureMyEmail over multiple devices. The platform has native software for Mac (opens in new tab), Windows (opens in new tab), iOS, and Android. 

It’s also possible to encrypt multiple email accounts. Each user has an allocation of up to five email addresses, personal or business-related. The leading email providers—think Gmail (opens in new tab), Yahoo Mail, Outlook (opens in new tab), Exchange, Hotmail—benefit from automatic setup, but for other IMAP-enabled email addresses you’ll need to complete the process manually.

SecureMyEmail review 3

SecureMyEmail enables you to encrypt up to five email accounts (Image credit: SecureMyEmail)

SecureMyEmail: Interface and in use

We tested SecureMyEmail over Mac and iOS and found the setup process to be very straightforward. 

First, we downloaded the application for Mac and were prompted to create an account. On recommendation, we created a passphrase and uploaded an encrypted copy to SecureMyEmail’s server as a backup. Finally, we set up our profile and added two email addresses.

For iOS, the setup was even faster. As we had existing login details and a passphrase, in order to sync our accounts, we were just required to download the app and enter these credentials. 

On Mac, the layout for both of our encrypted email accounts was the same standard layout. Our inbox appeared instantly and it was easy to navigate between sent, deleted, and junk items. 

It was simple to toggle between email accounts by clicking the dropdown that displayed the user name, and secure contacts could be added by clicking the orange user symbol in the header. All other settings could be reached by clicking the cog tab in the right-hand corner of the screen.

From here, we could edit our profile, change account details, specify our security and email preferences, change or update our security keys, and access the support page. Overall, the experience was smooth, self-explanatory, and refreshingly simple.

SecureMyEmail review 4

It’s easy to toggle between encrypted accounts (Image credit: SecureMyEmail)

SecureMyEmail: Support

With just one price plan, SecureMyEmail’s support provisions are democratic. The advanced support option is only offered to business customers who agree to a bespoke package with the sales team.

Otherwise, SecureMyEmail has a dedicated support site. Although well-presented, the support articles themselves were limited in number—just seven. The fact we were able to count them is a worry. 

However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always contact the support team directly via a form on their site. 

SecureMyEmail review 5

The platform’s dedicated support site was somewhat limited (Image credit: SecureMyEmail)

SecureMyEmail: Security

SecureMyEmail offers some other interesting security features on top of their advanced encryption. For example, the platform enables you to receive encrypted email from anyone with a valid email address, regardless of whether they are signed up for the service. 

Furthermore, even if your email account is infiltrated by cybercriminals, SecureMyEmail still protects all your encrypted data, making it inaccessible to hackers. 

Another useful security feature is the option to build a personal secure contacts list that can be verified with various techniques to reveal a trust rating.

SecureMyEmail review 6

SecureMyEmail is packed with security features (Image credit: SecureMyEmail)

The competition

What makes SecureMyEmail stand out is its ease of use. You don’t have to forfeit your existing email provider in order to benefit from encryption technology. Other popular providers, like ProtonMail (opens in new tab) and Mailfence, offer standalone products that are not so user-friendly and don’t allow you to keep an existing address. 

Price, however, holds SecureMyEmail back. Although it is very reasonably priced, there is no free option. Even though ProtonMail and Mailfence’s free plans are limited, users at least have a free option.

Final verdict

SecureMyEmail does exactly what the name promises, and its advanced security options will appeal to more experienced users. Although most email providers do provide secure email facilities, users particularly concerned with security are well-catered-for—zero-knowledge encryption is as good as it gets. 

Our only issues with the platform were the limited number of accounts that could be added to the service and the fact that there was no free option.

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