Bluetooth speakers are seeing early Amazon Prime Day deals – here are the ones I’d pay attention to

The JBL Flip 6 and Charge 5 against a purple background with the words price cut next to it
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We're getting a second Amazon Prime Day sales event this year, and while it's scheduled to run from October 10 to 11, we're already seeing early Bluetooth speaker deals, with up to 30% savings showing up on the retailer's site.

There's a familiar range of Bluetooth speakers that tend to get discounted around deals events, and it looks like the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days won't be any different, with speakers from the likes of JBL already seeing big reductions. 

Our favorite mid-range speaker, the JBL Flip 6, is selling for $10 less in the US at $119.94 at the time of writing. In the UK, it has seen a bigger price drop of more than £30 to £98. If you're willing to spend a bit more, then the JBL Charge 5, which is our favorite speaker for charging, is marked down by 28% at $129.95. In the UK, it's down 23% at £139.

But that's not the best deal on a JBL speaker I've come across today. You can also get 31% off the JBL Clip 4 for just £41.40, bringing it down to a suitably small price to match its tiny form factor. That's a better saving than the 19% discount to $64.99 in the US.

Early Bluetooth speaker deals 

JBL Charge 5: was

JBL Charge 5: was $179.95 now $129.95 at Amazon
A Bluetooth speaker that can also charge your other devices is extra useful, and out of all the similar offerings on the market, we rate the this as the best option for the job. In our JBL Charge 5 review, we said that JBL was onto a winning formula, and with a 28% discount it's down to its lowest price – it's only been on sale for $10 less in 2022. 

JBL Flip 6: was

JBL Flip 6: was £129.99 now £98 at Amazon
If you've read our JBL Flip 6 review, you'll already know that we're big fans of this portable speaker. In fact, we rate is as the best mid-range option out there – and with it discounted even further, its value has just got even better. This isn't the cheapest price we've seen it at, but it's not far off either. 

We rate JBL among the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy today, which means that any savings that can be found makes them even better value. If you can't wait for the sales event to kick off tomorrow then I'd recommend looking at the above deals to grab an early bargain. 

Although the JBL Flip 6 and JBL Charge 5 were both released in 2021, they still hold up today as top-performing Bluetooth speakers with top of the line features. The Charge 5 is the more stripped-back of the two, but it does have JBL's Party Boost mode, which allows multiple JBL speakers to be paired to it, including the Flip 6. 

The JBL Flip 6 also doesn't have features like Wi-Fi, an AUX-in or voice assistants but it more than makes up for this with its powerful sound, durable shell that means it can be taken to the beach and 12-hour battery life. 

If having a speaker that can also be used to charge other devices like your phone is important to you, then it's worth shelling out a bit extra for the JBL Charge 5, as this feature makes it twice as useful for on-the-go music. 

Otherwise, if you simply want a Bluetooth speaker that sounds great, is highly portable and has a good battery life, then the Flip 6 is our top recommendation, especially with these early discounts showing up.     

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