Asus Blitz Formula SE

One for the more radical overclocker

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Our Verdict

A great option for gamers, but the price is on the high side


  • Ripe with overclocking potential

    Impressive features


  • Expensive

Asus produces an incredible number of motherboards, catering for just about every market, and its consistent appearance in machines we review shows that they know what they're doing.

The Blitz Formula SE is aimed at the more extreme overclocker, as it boasts a water-cooling block on the north bridge and there's plenty of room for system tweaking too, with a large swathe of options in the BIOS.

Asus has always been good with handling POST problems, and recently has moved on to including a LCD on the ATX back-plate that shows what's wrong.

This is supplemented by an additional screen that can be placed in a more easy to reach location. There's a CMOS clear button the back panel, and there are onboard power and reset switches as well.

It has a full version of STALKER, showing who this is intended for, and if you don't already have the game this does help offset the high price point. The add-in SupremeFX II soundcard is a good inclusion too. Even so, this is still a lot to ask for a DDR2 motherboard.