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Viewsonic VP2330Wb review

A quiet arrival on the market - for good reason

The big change is the move from IPS to MVA panel technology

Our Verdict

Poor pixel response cripples an otherwise sound performer


  • Improved dynamic performance


  • Poor gaming

Give it up for this month's dark horse contender. This monitor has slipped onto the market with little to no fanfare as a replacement for the VP231Wb, and in many ways it's a dead ringer for its progenitor. The chassis is similar to all 'VP' series monitors - a quality item with almost infinite adjustability.

Likewise, the 23-inch diagonal, 1,920x1,200 native and super-fine pixel pitch are extremely welcome repeats of the VP231Wb.

But the big change is the move from IPS to MVA panel technology. That means a major upgrade in contrast performance, improved viewing angles, boosted brightness and a healthy dollop of colour saturation. HDCP support is new, too, although somewhat undermined by an artificial limitation to 720p content.

Add in an extremely smooth anti-glare coating and you have a recipe for rather pleasing static image quality. On the move, however, the wheels begin to fall off. Pixel response is ordinary and significant input lag makes gaming a chore. Jeremy Laird