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Samsung SM244T review

A case of what might have been

All-round image quality is excellent

Our Verdict

An otherwise great display ruined by serious input lag


  • Dynamic performance


  • Unacceptable lag

Oh so close. And yet oh so far.

There's an awful lot to like about this 24-inch Samsung display. On paper, it's the perfect foil for Dell's 2407WFP, thanks to a near enough identical Samsung-manufactured S-PVA panel, that combines searing brightness and bags of colour with impressively inky black tones and decent pixel response.

Indeed, all-round image quality is excellent, whether it's the impeccably even backlight or the extremely consistent viewing angles.

Credit, too, for the great overall feature-set, which includes HDCP support on the DVI port, a host of alternative video inputs and a quality chassis, complete with USB ports. In short, it's a rather nice unit.

But sadly and tragically flawed, too. For the SM244T has an acute case of the lags. The delay, for instance, between moving the mouse and the pointer being updated on screen is easily observable, and makes this monitor feel horribly sluggish at times.

For gaming, an utter disaster. Jeremy Laird