Optio rs1500: front facing grey

As far as budget compacts go, the RS1500 is a fun and capable performer, and at £70 something of a bargain too. True, it can't be said to produce stunningly detailed images, and the effects of its processing make themselves known, but its by no means the worst performer of its kind and any issues it does have are entirely expected for a camera of its class.

We liked

Simple to use and decent image quality, with the further addition of its changeable covers the RS1500 proves it's as capable a performer as it is fun to use.

We disliked

The camera's focusing system isn't always the fastest, while the poor viewing angle of the LCD screen means it isn't always that easy to see.


Even for those not convinced by the Optio RS1500's headline novelty feature, the 3in LCD screen and use of lithium-ion batteries make it a welcome addition to a competitive market. It's an ideal point-and-shoot model for beginners.