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Telstra’s giving free speed boosts to half a million cable broadband customers


Telstra today announced that the telco will be upping the speed for nearly half a million cable customers, for no extra cost.

Any customer on a standard cable speed tier, with a maximum download speed of 30Mbps, will get a speed injection of 20Mbps by just restarting their modem.

Maximum download speeds will then reach up to 50Mbps, while upload speeds will rise from 1Mbps to a top of 5Mbps.

This news comes not long after Telstra announced it was rolling out a free NBN speed upgrade to users on slower plans.

Speedily does it

“We know how integral fast broadband is to your life ... that's why we've just sped up our cable service so our loyal home and small business cable customers get faster speeds at no extra cost,” said Telstra’s head of Fixed Products for Consumer and Small Business, Jana Kotatko in the announcement

“This has surprised some of you, but we want to let you know it’s the real deal!”

The announcement also comes despite Telstra having signed an agreement with NBN Co to allow the national broadband service to progressively take ownership of its copper and cable networks.

And while NBN Co has relaunched HFC sales, it will move almost 440,000 customers to the FTTC network by the end of the 2020 rollout.