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Samsung's OLED monitor revealed as LCD

Is it easy to spot an OLED?
Is it easy to spot an OLED?

After a video circulated around the internet that Samsung was showing off a new 23-inch OLED monitor, the company has owned up that it mislabelled an LCD screen.

It turns out the monitor was just a P2370L LCD monitor, which to be fair was high end enough to ape some OLED features, such as being thinner than most other monitors and having terrific contrast ratio.

However after receiving an email from highlighting a few reasons why this monitor looked decidedly un-OLED, we checked with Samsung to find out the real skinny.

Samsung responds

The company responded with this statement:

"It has recently come to our attention that the Samsung P2370L Monitor we have displayed at the Grand Designs Show uses LED BLU rather than OLED technology. Samsung would like to apologise for any confusion caused.

"This error was caused by an internal miscommunication on our part and all press materials have since been amended to include these details."

So it seems the lightweight screen was able to have a decent contrast ratio thanks to the LED backlight, and it goes some way to highlighting how close the two technologies are in real terms.

But still, seems someone needs a little lesson in the small difference between an LED backlight and an OLED!