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In Pictures: LG's colourful W30 monitor

LG put on a rather colourful display today, with the launch of its W30 monitor range.

TechRadar managed to get a peak at these monitors this week and they do look like they could brighten up any office, with colours ranging from (LG's description): jelly pink, applemint, hawaiian, blueberry and oreo.

LG w30

The monitors measure a mere 37mm in width and if you take a close look at our photos, you will see that they seem to have no stand. This is because LG has opted to prop the displays up photo frame-style.

LG w30

While this looks great but we're not so sure what they will be like in practice, as it may mean you are looking down at your monitor screen rather than straight at it.

LG w30

The W30 range is available in two screen sizes: 19-inch and 22-inch, and the displays have a Dynamic Fine Contrast ratio of 30,000:1.

While the 22-inch screen is Full HD, we couldn't see any HDMI slots on the monitor, which is a tad frustrating. But then we looked at the pretty colours and calmed down again.

LG w30

If you like the look of the W30 range, then they have a release date of later this month, with pricing still to be announced.

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