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Sony clarifies NEX-3 'killed off' rumours

Sony NEX-3 - not dead yet
Sony NEX-3 - not dead yet

Sony may have ceased production of the Sony NEX-3 in Japan in February, but rumours the camera has been killed off are wide of the mark.

This is according to Andreas Georghiades, a product manager at Sony, who talked to TechRadar about the situation.

The Sony NEX-3 was launched alongside the Sony NEX-5 in 2010, with both cameras offering interchangeable lenses and an APS-C-sized sensor in a small chassis.

Explaining what was going on with the NEX-3, Georghiades said: "The NEX-3 situation was slightly lost in translation.

"Although Japan has stopped producing the NEX-3, this doesn't mean that they are to stop selling it.

"Who is to know what stock-pile situation they have with the camera; it's common for productions to cease when stock is at a certain limit."

Camera lifespan

Georghiades did hint, however, that a new NEX line-up could be on the cards: "There is a definite lifespan for cameras on sale.

"So there may well be a successor to the NEX-3 in the coming months – what improvements are to be made, I don't know."

The sale price of the NEX-3 has certainly dropped in the UK. At Focus On Imaging in Birmingham, the camera is being sold on the Sony stand for a show price of £299.