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Virgin Mobile doubles down with Double Data and Data Rollover

Virgin Mobile Australia

If there's one thing we're always happy to have more of, it's cellular data.

Knowing this (and using it as a great opportunity to bag new customers), Virgin Mobile Australia is offering to give new customers Double Data (that's up to 14 GB of data on the $80 SIM only plan) when they switch over from any other provider on a non-Optus network.

But wait, that's not all – any unused data from the initial Double Data period will get rolled over for one additional month.

Virgin gives you the goods for the first time

The offer marks the first time that an Australian telco has ever presented customers with both Data Rollover and Double Data in the same deal.

You have to go on a 24-month contract to take advantage of the offer, with both phone plans and SIM only options available.

Better get a move on if you're interested, though – the offer ends on August 15, 2015.

Stephen Lambrechts

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