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Sony Ericsson wants to take extreme photographs of you

Sony Ericsson wants to make Facebook your friend
Sony Ericsson wants to make Facebook your friend

Sony Ericsson has launched a campaign to create the ultimate Facebook profile picture after it announced its C510 phone will come with a new application that allows users to have statuses updated automatically.

The handset will be launched on 3, and Sony Ericsson will be taking a team of professional photographers around the country to allow people to have the 'perfect' Facebook profile pic taken, complete with Photoshopping to reduce any flaws / help if you're desperately ugly.

All the pictures will be shot on the Sony Ericsson C510, using a 3.2MP camera with extra features like Face Detection and Smile Shutter.

Pro photos

Facebook fans will be able to head down to the 3 Store on Oxford Street on 7 March from 11AM and on a first come, first served basis can have their photo taken professionally.

You'll also be able to make it look like you're sky diving, bungee jumping or snowboarding if you're one of those lazy folks that likes the idea of doing dangerous things.

Sony Ericsson will also be putting cardboard cut-outs of its campaign mascot, Eric, around London, with a special number to ring that could give you the chance to win holidays and 'extreme' days out.