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Sony Ericsson Satio versus Sony DSLR

Sony Ericsson's official Satio Blog has published pictures taken with the new 12MP snapper handset, comparing it to a mid range DSLR and compact camera.

The phone, which looks likely to have a UK release date pencilled in for the second week of October, was pitched against the Sony A700 and the Ricoh GX100.

The Swedish developer took it out and about on a family picnic on a cloudy day - with the results not as impressive as you might have hoped for a cameraphone that many believe will jump to 'best in class'.


As you can see, while the Satio picks out detail well (compare the clouds for instance), it seems to struggle to bring out the richness of colours on offer.

Sony Ericsson Satio

Satio house

Sony A700 DSLR

A700 house

Still, this is only one scene type, and we'd hope the Satio performs better in other scenarios such as direct sunlight (otherwise it will struggle to beat the i8910HD).

Head on over to the Sony Ericsson official Satio Launch Blog to see the full comparison between the cameras (and the full resolution images), and keep your eyes peeled for our full review of the Satio in the next few weeks. Or check our our Hands on Satio review, in the meantime.