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Nokia releases atypical 6760 worldwide

The Nokia 6760 - AKA the Surge
The Nokia 6760 - AKA the Surge

Nokia has decided to release 6760 to the world, weeks after it was shown off in the US as the Surge.

The phone, which looks fairly different to Nokia's usual line-up, is a horizontal slider showing off a full, if miniature, QWERTY keyboard.

Dubbed as "ideal for individuals who want to stay connected when they are out and about," it's Nokia's way of taking a leaf out of LG's book to say: "we're making a cheap phone so we're pretending it's all about messaging".

Cheap and chattily cheerful

And it is pretty cheap - €199 (£170) before subsidies and tax - and has simple to set up email and instant messaging, with push email included as well.

It also has a 3.2MP camera, a 2.4-inch QVGA display and actually runs on the high end Symbian S60 OS, so all in all: not too shabby.

What's more it will be available Q3 this year (soooo... any time now, then) and will also come in red, white and black depending on the region. Sweet.

Via Nokia Bulletin Boards