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Is Motorola already planning a new Moto E?

Moto E 2015
Moto E 2015

Motorola released the second generation Moto E in February this year, but it looks like a new version is already becoming a reality.

A phone with the model number XT1565 just appeared on the Bluetooth SIG meaning it has reserved its certification.

We think it'll be the Moto E as the person who uploaded the details has only covered that phone in the past - but it may turn out to be a Moto G 2015 as well.

Moto mystery

Rumours of the Moto G 2015 have been heating up as well, suggesting Motorola is ready to release a new bunch of handsets on the world.

As of yet we aren't too clear on specs but we can confirm XT1565 will come with Bluetooth 4.1 technology and run on Android 5.1.1.

Via TechGadgetsz